Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Corrected entry: When the technicians on the new Death star are preparing to fire, they look suspiciously like stock footage of the technicians preparing to fire the old Death Star in Star Wars, only reversed.

Correction: What else is it suppossed to look like? It's the same procedure, and should look the same.

Corrected entry: When Han was frozen in carbonite in "the Empire Strikes Back", his arms were bound by a leather strap. But when he is unfrozen, his arms are free. (01:18:25)

Correction: Just before Han was frozen, his hands were unbound by the Ugnaughts.

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Corrected entry: When the Ewok steals the speeder to distract the stormtroopers (first time code), he gets on it, starts it up and takes off at a high enough rate of speed that he is left dangling horizontally from the handlebars. In an earlier shot (second time code), however, we see that the throttle for these bikes is a foot pedal which he couldn't have reached in the first place. How did he get this thing moving? (01:28:30)

Correction: The throttle was in the handlebars which they twisted to make it go faster, while the gear shift was in the foot pedals.

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Corrected entry: Several times during the speeder bike chase, the rails for the camera are visible on the ground.

Correction: This is impossible due to the fact that the back ground plates (forest at different angles) were shot by a man walking through the forest with a steady cam(this is backed up on the documentary on the DVD). Therefore there are no rails or tracks for a camera to ride on.

Corrected entry: After Han is released from the carbonite, he is blind, but when he turns around to face Jabba, he moves his arm to avoid Leia's head. (00:19:30)

Correction: Because he knows how tall she is and that she is standing right next to him.

Corrected entry: When Luke asks Leia if she remembers her real mother, she says yes, and that she died when Leia was very young. She also says that she was very beutiful, but sad all the time. In Revenge of the Sith, Padme dies in childbirth, so unless Leia has super newborn memory, she couldn't remember her mother.

Correction: There are many books stating that the Force can allow its wielder to see into the past, which is what Leia is doing.

She could also be referring to her adoptive mother.


Corrected entry: When Luke is fighting Boba Fett on the prisoner skiff, Boba fires a lasso to tie up Luke. Luke uses his lightsaber to cut himself free from Boba. Luke does not remove the remains of the lasso around his body and in the next shot he is completely free to jump onto the other skiff.

Correction: Luke cuts the rope between himself and Boba. The remainder is simply wrapped aorund him now, with nothing holding it tight. There were a couple of shots of Boba, Lando and Han before Luke jumped onto the other skiff. It simply went slack and fell off.

Corrected entry: In the Ewok village, Leia's hair is long and loose. During the final battle a short while later, it's now tightly braided and coiled in numerous strands and done in an elaborate style that would take hours to arrange. It's unlikely she would have the time, the inclination, or the resources to have her hair so stylishly coifed.

Correction: Once Luke left Leia with Han, they do not launch their attack until the next morning. That is plenty of time. The Ewoks may have groomed her, it does look like some sort of small vine is woven into her hair, it may have been part of the ceremony to make them part of the tribe. There are many reasons.

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Corrected entry: After the ambush in the shield generator bunker there is a cut to outside where you'll see lots of stormtroopers and the captured rebells with their hands above their heads. However, a white and black dressed soldier (speed biker?) stands to the right of the captured rebells - also with his hands in the air.

Correction: The speed biker who has his hands in the air is a rebel in a biker trooper's uniform. After the Ewok takes off on the speeder, and two of the biker troopers take off after him, the remaining biker is captured by the rebels. A rebel soldier then puts on the uniform to "stand guard" over the shield generator bunker complex, to make it appear that everything is normal. When the trap the Emperor set for Solo and the Rebels led to their capture, the disguised rebel soldier was captured as well.

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Corrected entry: Right after C-3PO has informed the rebels they can still beg for their lives a ship flies in between Jabba's caft and the one Luke and Han are on. It has no shadow, yet the other ships have long ones.

Correction: In the widescreen DVD, all 3 ships have shadows that can be seen the entire time.

Corrected entry: After the shot of C3PO talking to the ewoks in the scene in which the ewoks surround Han, Chewie, Luke, C3PO, and R2-D2, there is a shot of two ewoks talking. The first ewok says in plain English "That guy's wise."

Correction: Listen carefully, it is just Ewok speak. Many of the things they say could be incorrectly construed as English.

Corrected entry: When Vader throws his lightsaber at Luke during the duel, watch in slow motion: in the first shot of Luke, the blade is coming out of the wrong end of the hilt.

Correction: On closer inspection, the blade comes out of the correct end the entire time.

Corrected entry: After R2D2 breaks the net, Han Solo pulls out his blaster. Look at the Ewok's hand as it takes his blaster - it's a crew member's hand.

Correction: No that's an Ewok hand. It's just that it's one with paler skin. If you look at the back of the hand it has thick brown fur and it's unlikely a human hand would be that hairy.

Corrected entry: The idea that Han, Luke and the gang would jeopardize the mission by wasting time looking for Leia in the forest and hanging out with the Ewoks as long as they do is insane. They have a thousand ships on route to destroy the Death Star and they decide to go after one missing soldier?

Correction: As stated in the briefing room scene, Luke, Leia and Chewie were the command crew for the shuttle; Han has already chosen the soldiers to carry out the mission, and as such, they know the drill and can carry it out without him (after all, what if he died in battle?). Leia, whilst technically expendible as a team member, is an important leader in the Rebellion, and to lose her like that would be a terrible blow to the Alliance.


Corrected entry: Watch as Lando and Wedge are flying into the main reactor. Right as Lando is coming around the reactor you can see a glimpse of Emperor Palpatine's face and his right hand within the blue and white explosion of the reactor, still with lightning bolts around him.

Correction: My girlfriend and I watched that bit like 6 times yesterday on both DVD & video and we didnt see anything like that.

Corrected entry: In one of the first shots of Jabba the Hutt, we can see his tail is "inflating" - and I doubt that this is supposed to be muscle movement.


Correction: Without truly knowing Huttese physiology, it may be possible that portions of a hutt's skin "breathes", just like worms.

Corrected entry: In the Special Edition, when the first of Jabba's henchmen is thrown into the Sarlacc pit, the Sarlacc has reverted to its original design (without the beak). Then when the next one gets thrown in, the beak has returned. Later on, when it burps after eating Boba Fett, the beak has vanished again.


Correction: The Sarlacc is probably able to make the beak retract into the pit whenever it wants to.

Corrected entry: Where is the rope attached that Luke and Leia take to escape from Jabba's ship? On a cloud? They shouldn't be able to swing that far.

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Correction: It's one of the cables holding the sails in place.

Correction: Yes, it goes up in order to fall down on Luke and wrap around him. If it went straight towards Luke it would uselessy hit him in the chest and fall to the ground.

Corrected entry: During the final celebration scene, Artoo is all fixed again, but who fixed him? We know from Part 5 that Han, Leia and Chewbacca had no idea how to fix droids (not forgetting the poor job Chewbacca did with Threepio). Threepio couldn't have because he didn't even know how to put his own leg back on in Part 5. The rebels who went with them were only trained as fighters and the Ewoks weren't intelligent enough. And Artoo was fixed when Lando arrived.

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Correction: There's no evidence that the rebels who were part of the landing party aren't trained in other areas. They could be technicians. Or, Artoo could have been fixed with something as simple as a reset button. Also, there are lots of people at the celebration who weren't there when Artoo was shot, like Luke, Wedge, some Calimarians and pilots. It's possible that Luke fixed him, he is pretty handy with droids, like his dad. To sum up, there are lots of ways Artoo could have been fixed.

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Continuity mistake: When Lando says "Go on, you pirate" his entire outfit is reversed - his shoulder holster strap goes the other way, and his rank insignia changes side too. (00:50:00)

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Darth Vader: Obi-Wan once thought as you do. You don't know the power of the dark side.

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Trivia: When Oola the dancing girl (with those two things growing out of the back of her head) is trying to get away from Jabba, she briefly falls out of the top of her costume. It isn't as visible in the letterbox version, but quite visible in the regular version.

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Question: How come this movie barely showed anything about Luke and Leia's mother? Luke doesn't even ask anyone what her name was (maybe that was hidden from Leia, but he can probably guess that Yoda or Obi-wan would know). I know we can assume that she was discussed off-screen, but they could have revealed a little more about her.

Answer: The Jedi are shown to have something of a blind spot in regards to matters of the heart. Note that when Luke confronts Obi-Wan over lying to him about his father's fate, Obi-Wan's response is haughty and defensive, and gives Luke nothing in terms of regret or apology. They're focused on their mission, not on how Luke feels. Why waste time, in their eyes, telling Luke about his mother? If they had their way, he wouldn't even know about his father. The prequels would make this more explicit, showing that the Jedi are conditioned from the beginning to let go of all "passions" because they could so easily be corrupted, and their inability to understand Anakin's emotions just contributes to his downfall.


Answer: Why can we assume that she was discussed off-screen? Luke's got more important things to talk about than who his mother was. Yoda dies shortly afterwards and Luke's understandably more interested in how Darth Vader, given that he's got to go up against him, can be his father when talking to Obi-wan's ghost shortly after. Not a lot of time for general chit-chat. Behind the scenes, at that point, very little would have been decided about their mother, as it would be irrelevant to the plot of the trilogy and to discuss her on-screen would have wasted time and slowed everything down.

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