Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi

Corrected entry: In the scene where the slave dancer is arguing with Jabba, in some shots of her, one of her breasts has popped out of her costume.

Correction: She's a scantily clad slave dancer; where's the mistake?

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Corrected entry: In the scene right after Ackbar says, "It's a trap!" tie fighters start swarming the Millennium Falcon. But if you look at the very next shot, four tie fighters at the bottom of the screen appear out of nowhere.

Correction: Already listed. With picture confirmation.


Corrected entry: Leia's famous metal bikini outfit was originally supposed to be a long, flowing robe many yards long.

Correction: Please provide a source for statements like this if possible.

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Corrected entry: Notice the eyes on Darth Vader's helmet throughout most of the movie. Then notice the eyes on his helmet in the scene were Luke is getting crispy-fried by the Emperor. When Darth Vader is looking from his son to the Emperor and back, the eyes are much wider and less menacing looking. That is to give the audience the image of concern and goodness.

Correction: Perhaps the lighting is different giving the illusion of a more sympathetic image. But there is no actual structural change in the helmet's eyes throughout the movie.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: During the attack on the Death Star, Lando says, "Watch out. Squad at .06." and Grey Leader says, "I'm on it, Gold Leader" and shoots a TIE. Then Wedge says, "Good shot, Red Two".

Correction: Grey Leader and Red Two dealt with the TIE squad, with Red Two getting the good shot (the other two TIEs ran off). You can see Red Leader and Red Two zoom off between the Medical Frigate and Star Destroyer (X-Wing and A-Wing) while Grey Leader (Y-Wing) does not follow them. Presumably Red Squadron sticks together like actual flight wings, and Grey Leader was lending a hand.

Corrected entry: Contrary to popular belief, the film was never titled "Revenge of the Jedi". George Lucas leaked that name to the media on purpose, to catch bootleg merchandisers.

Correction: Actually, popular belief is correct. The film was in fact named Revenge of the Jedi until just weeks before release. All manner of merchandise: hats, t-shirts, posters, etc. was manufactured with the original name and had to be remade.

Corrected entry: When Luke cuts off Vader's right hand, wires are exposed suggesting that Vader's hand was bionic. However, as Episode 3 shows, Anakin's right arm was the only limb that was left intact and shouldn't have been bionic.

Correction: Anakin's right arm was cut off in EP 2. It was replaced with a mechanical one at the end of the film. We also see the mechanical arm in this film in the scene where he wakes from a nightmare. His left arm and both legs were cut off at the end of EP 3.

Corrected entry: During the battle on the forest moon of Endor, an imperial AT-ST shoots at two Ewoks but they start to fall before the explosion.

Dr Wilson

Correction: That's because they're diving out of the way.

Corrected entry: During the speeder bike chase, Luke jumps off his speeder, and when he hits the ground, you can see him bounce on something, probably a pad or cushion for the actor to land on. (01:01:15)

Correction: Actually, you see him land in a clump of shrubs and immediately jump to his feet.

Corrected entry: In the lightsaber duel in the Emperor's throne room, when Luke evades Vader's strike by somersaulting backwards onto the catwalk 3 meters above him, you can see that the actor/stuntman actually somersaults down from the catwalk by the way his hair flies (watch frame by frame). Then the shot is just shown backwards. (01:45:20)

Correction: The rules of the site are clear. If you have to use freeze frame it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: In the space battle, when Lando says "Fighters coming in!" the millions of TIES come in. Watch in slo mo - a TIE can be seen going through the Millennium Falcon.

Correction: The rules of the site are clear, if it requires slo-mo to see it, it's not a mistake.

Corrected entry: It is indisputable from multiple explanations throughout the movie and from the 3D graphic used by Admiral Akbar in the rebels' war room that the Death Star's shield emanating from Endor protects the Death Star, not Endor itself. Yet, shuttle Tyderium requests and receives deactivation of the shield expressly for the purpose of landing on the forest moon. If use of the code was simply a checkpoint or other imperial confirmation procedure, deactivation of the shield would not have been necessary, much less discussed.

Correction: Look at the 3D maps again: The shield emanates from Endor in a conical shape. For Tyderium to land within the perimeter of that cone emission on the surface of Endor (ie. very near the shield generator), the shield would need to be shut down.

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Corrected entry: Because of the angle of the rope that Luke and Leia take to escape from Jabba's ship, they shouldn't be able to swing as far as they do. (01:34:50)

Correction: Due to Luke's connection to the Force, he may have used the Force to swing himself and Leia all the way onto the skiff.

Corrected entry: When Vader throws his lightsaber at Luke and he falls, if you watch it frame by frame you can tell he is a different person falling. You can tell because of his beard.


Correction: It isn't a valid mistake if you need to use frame-by-frame to see it.

Corrected entry: When the droids enter Jabba's throne room, R2-D2 stops by the stairs, but as soon as the camera is off him, he rolls out on the main floor. As seen in "Attack of the Clones," Artoo uses his third leg to get down stairs, but he couldn't have done it that quickly.

Correction: As seen in "Revenge of the Sith", R2 also has rockets on his sides that he can use to go up and down.

Corrected entry: When entering the Death Star's center Lando orders Wedge to go for the energy regulator at the north tower. But since they are in space there is no northern direction because it takes a planet and its magnetic field to pinpoint north. And it is highly unlikely that the Death Star would have such an magnetic field since it would be quite different from that of a planet, considering that it is full of technology that might create magnetic fields itself.

Correction: It was a figure of speech like when you say tie fighters at 3 o' clock. He was saying that Wedge should take out the energy regulator on the tower above them.


Corrected entry: When the rebels blow up the bunker and the shield generator at the end of the battle on Endor, the explosion is enormous, and appears to scorch huge amounts of the area around it, but when Han and the rebels run out of the bunker before the explosion, they run about 20 feet before it goes off. There's no way they would have survived that huge of a fireball.

Correction: The shield generator is a large installation, as we see on screen when Luke is delivered to Vader and later when it explodes. The bunker entrance (which is described in the film as being a subsidiary entrance) is some distance away from the main installation, as none of the installation can be seen nearby - presumably a tunnel, unseen in the film because it would just be dull to watch people walk along a tunnel, connects the entrance to the shield generator control centre. The large explosion takes out the shield generator installation - a small amount of the blast energy travels down the tunnel to cause the explosion seen there, but not nearly enough to endanger the Rebels and Ewoks nearby.

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Corrected entry: When Han was frozen in carbonite in "The Empire Strikes Back", there were straps around his upper arms, which were not removed before he was frozen, like the handcuffs were. But when he's unfrozen this film, the straps are gone. (00:18:25)

Correction: Already listed and corrected. The Ugnaught guards can be seen removing all his constraints before he is frozen, both handcuffs and these straps.


Corrected entry: When Oola the dancing girl is trying to get away from Jabba, we can hear her talk, but her lips don't move. (00:13:00)

Correction: There are several dozen people in the Throne Room. It looks more like Oola is only busy trying to free herself, while someone else, quite possibly the large dancing girl, is the one who is trying to plead for her life.

Corrected entry: In the first shot of the scene where the Emperor tells Vader to send the fleet to the far side of Endor, the stars seen through the great window move very fast. In the next shot, they don't move at all. (00:51:45)

Correction: Like the Emperor says, the Death Star is "fully armed and operational". In other words, if its engines were functioning, they could be causing this by rotating the station and then halting.


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Continuity mistake: When Lando says "Go on, you pirate" his entire outfit is reversed - his shoulder holster strap goes the other way, and his rank insignia changes side too. (00:50:00)

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Han Solo: I think my eyes are getting better - instead of a big dark blur I see a big light blur.

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Trivia: When filming ROTJ, Lucas didn't want anyone to find out that they were shooting the third Star Wars movie, because pandemonium could break out. So when someone asked the crew what they were filming, they said "Blue Harvest". All of the crew had shirts and hats that said Blue Harvest on them. The fictitious film's tagline was "Horror beyond imagination."

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Question: Who is Luke talking about when he covers up his hand and says that he has a promise to keep to an old friend? Who is the old friend?

Tyler R

Answer: Yoda. When he was departing for Cloud City to save his friends in the previous film, he promised Yoda that he would return to Dagobah to complete his training.

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OK. But I thought he was talking about the holeish thing in his hand since he covered it up when he said it. I must have misunderstood it.

The hole in Luke's robotic hand reminds him that he got that robotic hand in the first place because he lost his duel with Darth Vader at Cloud City - a confrontation Yoda warned him he was not ready for.

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