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Corrected entry: If the players quit in the middle of the season, why is the head cheerleader recruiting a new squad? If the season had already begun, the squad would have already been chosen. And if the players went on strike, why would the cheerleaders also go on strike? It doesn't make any sense.


Correction: The cheerleaders refused to perform in support of the players on strike. The head cheerleader didn't quit because she didn't agree with the striking players' demands.

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Corrected entry: Orlando Jones is supposed to be lightning fast with no hands. He would have been made a cornerback if he couldn't catch the ball.

Correction: Underdog football movies like this one always have a receiver who is fast, but can't catch (see Necessary Roughness and Little Giants). Coach McGinty explains to his offensive coach that Clifford Franklin (Orlando Jones) can't catch and tells him, "That's what I have you for," meaning the coach will need to teach Franklin to catch.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Orlando Jones gets the stick-em put on, he comes down with the ball fully palmed in his left hand. When he tries to give the ball to the ref, it's stuck to his right palm.

Correction: Before handing the ball over, he switches, trying to the the ball out of his hands.

Corrected entry: Nigel "The Leg" Gruff is from Cardiff in South Wales, but has a strong North Wales accent. The North and South Wales accents are nothing alike.

Correction: He couldn't have moved to South Wales after growing up in North Wales?

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Corrected entry: First game McGinty calls for a pass on the final play of the game. Then Falco changes to a run and McGinty then says he is taking off the run and going to pass. At the very end of the game McGinty says you blew it, if I wanted the running back to have the ball I would have called that play.

Correction: The coach says "He's checking off the run. I told him to pass."

Corrected entry: In the practice scene near the start of the film Shane Falco arrives and throws a long pass for number 34. The camera cuts to the ball to follow it through the air. When it cuts down to the receiver we see that it is now number 81 receiving the pass.

Correction: Falco is actually throwing to number 81 since when the coach says 'go' you can see 81 running on the other side of 34.

Corrected entry: It was not cold enough for anyone's breath to be seen, but many of the players had extra clothing (long sleeved) under their jerseys.

Correction: Even players in the NFL wear long sleeves under their jerseys in warm weather. Keyshawn Johnson wore long sleeves when he played for Tampa and it's sweltering hot there.

Corrected entry: At various times in the movie, for instance, after a penalty the time should stop. Keanu turns to the camera and says time out. Shouldn't the clock have already been stopped?

Correction: Yes, the clock was stopped, but Falco wanted to discuss the next play with the coach. If he hadn't called a time out, he wouldn't have been able to go to the sideline to come up with a plan.

Corrected entry: At the end of the "season," just before the playoffs start, the weather should be cold, especially in Washington D.C. However, no one is wearing a coat or "breathing smoke."

Correction: There are plenty of days in the Washington area at the end of December (if it is December, remember this isn't the NFL, it could be played in the spring or summer) when it is warm enough that you wouldn't be "breathing smoke"

Corrected entry: In the final game, when the running back runs for the long touchdown, a guy comes out of nowhere and breaks his knee. As he is jumping into the endzone, the defensive player hits his right knee. In the scene when he's laying on the ground, his left knee is broken.

Correction: The player doesn't break his knee with the defender runs into him. You can see when they change camera angles that he breaks his left knee when he hits the ground and it bends under him.

Corrected entry: Jon Favreau is on defense as is the corner back released from jail. By the end of the movie they are both on offense.

Correction: Since they were hoping the strike wouldn't last long and didn't want to spend much, it is very likely that the owners had some replacement players play 'iron-man football', playing both offense and defense. Especially lineman.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, while at practice, Falco shows up and talks to the coach. When asked if he can still throw and the coach gives him the ball, the preacher guy says he'll go long. Falco throws and the guy takes off, but the guy that runs into the other players and falls down is Orlando Jones, not the preacher guy.

Correction: They show 2 men start running, the preacher guy and Orlando in the background. Falco wants to show that he still has his arm, so he throws to the farthest target.

Corrected entry: When they are dancing in jail, Keanu is wearing his hat, and the moment the coach looks in he doesn't have it on. He is also not holding it, the next scene he is.

Correction: He did take it off and put it on but it was in his hands or on his head throughout the whole scene.

Corrected entry: The sub-plot involving Nigel and the loanshark is completely bogus. In the final game against Dallas they want him to miss the field goal. However, Dallas would be the HEAVY favorites seeing as how the entire professional team has crossed the picket line for the game. There is NO REASON for him to miss the field goal, because Dallas would be who everyone is betting on. For the loansharks to make a big score they need Washington to win that game so they sure wouldn't want him to miss that field goal.

Correction: Throughout the movie the replacement players are shown to gain popularity with their team's fans. The loan shark who threatens Nigel is probably dealing almost exclusively with these fans (who are certain to place their bets against Dallas) for this particular game.

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Does that mean Nigel is still gonna lose the bar?

Corrected entry: Does anyone else find it odd that Annabelle would have to audition a completely new cheerleading squad? The players are on strike not the entire organization, besides cheerleaders are not part of the players union. So even if she had to audition some new faces, why is it that she has no veterans?

Correction: The "real" cheerleaders would not want to cross the picket line whether there is an actual picket line or not. They are friends of the players and would want to support their actions.


Corrected entry: Even if Martel had crossed the picket line, why would Falco not dress for the last game? They would still need a backup quarterback and it's obvious that Falco would be the 1st backup since he'd been playing the entire time the strike was on. The writers had him go home so he could make a grand entrance at halftime. And it wouldn't matter that he was a "non-union" player because ONLY Martel crossed the picket line. Not the rest of the team. If the "non-union" correction was correct, then ALL the replacement players would have had to leave.


Correction: It has nothing to do with him being a non-union player; it amounts entirely to a character decision. Falco was very depressed that he had been replaced, and too ashamed to face the rest of the team, so he didn't show up for the game. Then he returned at halftime, because he realized the team needed him to be there.

Corrected entry: If Keanu Reeves was the replacement starter, wouldn't he be kept on the team as the backup when the striking quarterback crossed the picket line?

Correction: He would be dropped because he is a non-union player. Players, no matter how good they are, do not look good in the eyes of the union when they play during a strike.

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Continuity mistake: When Nigel, the Welsh place kicker for the Sentinels, sets up to make his first field goal for 65 yards, he is shown in a close-up with his helmet chin-strap buckled properly. The camera cuts away from him to the ball, then back to him where his chin-strap is dangling loose on his helmet, cuts away again to the ball, and finally back to him a third time where his chin-strap is once again buckled properly.

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John Madden: I love to see a fat guy score.
Pat Summerall: Why?
John Madden: Because first you get a fat guy spike, then you get the fat guy dance.

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Trivia: The movie is supposed to be in Washington D.C. Starting with the 1997 season, Washington moved from RFK stadium in DC to a stadium in Landover, MD. So the movie was filmed in Baltimore, MD. They used Camden Yards, Orioles stadium, and the stadium where the Ravens play.

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Question: When Martel plays with the replacement players, he keeps throwing passes to the opposing team and keeps making his team either miss the ball entirely or gives the ball to another player causing them to be tackled. He then tells O'Neil that he can't play with a team like them. Is he deliberately doing all of this because he wants the replacements to lose? I find it hard to believe that he can't work with the team when it looked very obvious to me that what he was doing was intentional.

Answer: He is deliberately making them look bad. Purposely throwing interceptions, running plays that will not gain any yardage. He tells O'Neil he can't play with them because he is lying.

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