The Replacements

The Replacements (2000)

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When the NFL players go on strike the owners face several decisions, stop the league or hire replacements workers. They decide the latter and "the scabs" are choosen. Among them are Keanu Reeves who places Shane Falco the all star college QB who lost the Sugar Bowl and never lived it down, Orlando Jones- the track star without any hands, Danny- the ex-marine who plays with a little too much ferver, Jimbo- the ex-sumo wrestler who comes to play tackle, Gruff- the ex-soccer player who has a incredibly strong leg but has many debts to the mob., The Priest- a runningback who blew out his knee and retired to ministry, a deaf TE, a convicted felon at safety, and 2 guards who are quick to wield their guns. The coach (Gene Hackman) must put the team together in time to win 3 out of 4 games. On the way to the playoffs they face hired semi-pro teams as well as the returning NFL athletes. Shane also meets a girlfriend in the head cheerleader for the team controversy then sparks as the original NFL QB for the team returns and tries to throw the season.

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During the last game he slides into the endzone and when he stops the centre of his body is clearly on a border of green field and grey field. But when the shot changes to a different camera he is nowhere close to any green field.



The movie is supposed to be in Washington D.C. Washington doesn't have a football stadium. The Washington Redskins play in Landover, MD. So the movie was filmed in Baltimore, MD. They used Camden Yards, Orioles stadium, and the stadium where the Ravens play.