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Little Giants (1994)

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Plot hole: In the Cowboys' last possession of the final game, Spike makes a long run before being stopped on the goal line. The Cowboys' next play is a run up the middle. The Little Giants stop the run and the Cowboys lose possession, but since that was the first possession of a new set of downs, the Cowboys would have three more chances to score.

Continuity mistake: When the Little Giants ask Johnny (the kid whose dad leaves for work) to play, the door behind him is first open, then when the camera goes back to him it is closed, then it is open and then closed.

Continuity mistake: When Spike first joins the little giants team they start practising a power eye formation. On the first play Spike trips and fumbles the ball. He doesn't have it in his hands when he hits the ground, but when he gets up he does.

Continuity mistake: When Rick Moranis is talking with his daughter when they are eating supper, the daughter's level of chocolate milk in her glass changes with each showing of it. One minute it is full the next it is almost empty and then the next shot it is full again.

Continuity mistake: After Becky knocks Sean Murphy into the pond with the go-kart, he comes out of the water and his hair is all messed up. Throughout the rest of that scene, his hair keeps changing.

Continuity mistake: The Little Giants were doing a passing drill. One of the players ran a route to catch a pass from Junior but instantly he was back in the line with the rest of the players.

Continuity mistake: When the Cowboys are at they're final play Spike has the ball and he runs back and forth up the line and then he dives for the endzone, but Becky tackles him and he falls short. When he lands he is on his back, but when the ref. checks to see where the ball is, Spike is lying on it and has his stomach to the ground.

Audio problem: When Kevin's young daughter is blessing things at dinner, Kevin says something about it and what he says doesn't match his lips.

Timothy Smith

Continuity mistake: At the end, the giants fumble the ball and it rolls slowly to the endzone but in the next scene, it is moving rapidly in the endzone.

Continuity mistake: When the Giants are washing cars, the guy from the other team drives his car to the site. When he comes in the window on the driver's door is down, when they start to spray water on him the window is up and when he drives away it is down again.

Continuity mistake: When the dad that is never there walks into the stadium and his boy recognised him he is only a few inches from the field but when his son is running towards him he is at least a few feet.

Continuity mistake: When Becky and Danny are at the table talking about her being cut from the team, the pot with their dinner in it rotated different ways multiple times between shots.

Timothy Smith

Continuity mistake: In the final game when Hot Hands has the Stick 'Em on him, he goes for a pass. His hands are stuck the whole route, but when the ball hits his back, his hands are unstuck to catch his fall. In the next shot of him, they're stuck again.

Gary J. Maxion

Continuity mistake: After Spike and Murphy miss the tackle and hit the Gatorade, Tad turns and sees the entire Cowboys team bearing down on him. In the next shot, there are Cowboys all the way across the field. Are we supposed to believe that they ran away, then ran back?


Continuity mistake: When Becky is starting to stir the chocolate milk at the table when her dad is talking to her about not making the team, her right hand is on the spoon in the glass stirring. When her dad sits down and says "Hey, Beck", the camera cuts to a behind shot of Becky at the table and her hand is off the spoon and now on the table. Then when the camera cuts to another shot, Becky has her hand back on the spoon and eventually she removes it.

Justin Davis

Nubie: You always run the ball! Why can't I run the ball?
Hanon: Because you're slow, and no-one likes you.

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