Little Giants

Little Giants (1994)


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Nubie: You always run the ball! Why can't I run the ball?
Hanon: Because you're slow, and no-one likes you.

Jake Berman: My mom says the pads you gave me weren't enough.

Rudy Zolteck: Ahh! It's a mom.

Spike: Your mine, Pom Pom.

Junior Floyd: Ew, that's disgusting! It looks like they're trying to swallow each other's heads.

Johnny Vennaro: You can't pitch to Johnny! I'm Johnny.

Steve Emtman: Just remember, football is 80% mental and 40% physical.

Spike: Look, you berzerko Barbie doll, when you mess with Spike, you mess with death.
Becky O'Shea: You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?
Spike: Try me.
Becky O'Shea: I will.
Spike: Let's go.
Becky O'Shea: Right now.
Jake Berman: Somebody call 911.

Jake Berman: Don't be talkin' bout my momma.

Kevin O'Shea: Put a fork in them they're done, baby.

Priscilla: Hey Uncle Dan! Guess what? I got the whole headlock thing on tape. Here, wanna see?

Junior Floyd: That's right Spike! The Icebox is going to defrost you.

Spike: No mercy.
Becky O'Shea: No ball.

Danny O'Shea: Hey, I got an idea. How about we go put some mud tires on the go cart?
Becky O'Shea: Nah. I don't want to.
Danny O'Shea: Alright, forget the tires. How about we go camping in the woods! Make moose sounds?
Becky O'Shea: Nah.
Danny O'Shea: Alright, forget the moose sounds.

Hanon: There goes my shot at the Pros. I gonna have to be a senator.

Sean Murphy: What's the matter, four eyes? Want your mama.
Jake Berman: Don't be talkin' about my mama.

Rudy Zolteck: That's it, I'm leaving the country. I'm moving to New Mexico.

Spike: Is Spike mistaken, but aren't you a girl?
Becky O'Shea: Gee, good eye.
Spike: Spike don't play with girls.

Mike Hammersmith: Every night before he goes to bed, I massage his hamstrings with evaporated milk.

Plot hole: In the Cowboys' last possession of the final game, Spike makes a long run before being stopped on the goal line. The Cowboys' next play is a run up the middle. The Little Giants stop the run and the Cowboys lose possession, but since that was the first possession of a new set of downs, the Cowboys would have three more chances to score.

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