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Corrected entry: Wouldn't the Doc have a problem breathing in the beginning of the movie when the Delorean is backing out of a smoke filled semi-truck? And why is there so much "fog" coming out of the car when the Doc first gets out? (00:18:25)


Correction: Just because there's smoke in the truck it doesn't mean the car is actually full of it. Also, it could well be some form of coolant as we see how hot the car gets, which explains why there is "smoke" there. Plus depending on the type of "smoke" it wouldn't necessarily affect his breathing.

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Corrected entry: We continuously see that the DeLorean travels through time, not space (for example, if you departed in California, you would not arrive in Australia). Putting that, and the fact that Hill Valley is in California, into consideration, if you did use the car to go to the signing of the Declaration of Independence or the birth of Christ, as Doc suggested at the beginning of the movie, you would have to take either a cross-country road trip, or an across-the-globe road trip, the latter of which, I need not tell you, is impossible.

Correction: I know this is marked as a "deliberate" mistake, but actually Doc is using these well-known dates as an example, showing where you *could* go, *if* you were in the right place.


Corrected entry: This is also for the other two.When the doc sends Einstein back in time, you see that it is covered in ice, but in the other time travels there is no ice nor is it the slightest bit cold

Correction: The correction is wrong. Doc did not send Einstein back in time. He sent him to the future. Only then the car gets covered in ice, such as seen at the end of the film when Marty returns to 1985.

Corrected entry: In the scene when the clocks are chiming, Doc says to Marty all of the clocks are 25 minutes slow, but in the opening scene with the clocks, there are two that are set at 8:10 (one on the coffee maker and and a small black clock next to the TV). The rest are set at 7:55.

Correction: Doc probably means all the clocks involved in his experiment, not all the clocks in the house.


Corrected entry: When Doc is attempting to hook the cable to the clock, in 1955, he has on shoes with Velcro. Velcro had not been invented yet.

Correction: Utter nonsense. George de Mestral was granted a worldwide patent for Velcro in Switzerland in 1951, and the US patent followed in January 1952. It was an instant hit and all sorts of Velcro products flew off the shelves, including Velcro shoes.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene of the enchantment under the sea dance, If you look at the sax player's fingers, they aren't moving the slightest bit, yet he is playing loud and clear. (01:15:10)

Correction: The sax player is holding the sax with two hands, so if the submitter was only looking at the top hand, they wouldn't have seen that the bottom hand was moving when the top one wasn't.

Corrected entry: In the clock tower scene at the end of the movie, just as the Doc is about to jump off the clock tower and slide down the cable, the clock above his head changes to 10:04. This shouldn't happen until Marty hits the wire with the DeLorean. (Please note: This is not the same mistake as the one where the the clock changes split seconds before Doc looks up at it-it is the scene when he is about to jump off the tower and slide down the wire). (01:36:30)

Correction: Although the clock showed 10:04, the clock doesn't show a second hand. There are therefore 60 seconds to play with after the clock changes until the clock hands would move again to 10:05. During this period, Doc can slide down the cable, detach and replug in the cable and allow for the DeLorean to come down the street and hit the cable when the lightning strikes, all still as the clock hands show 10:04.

Corrected entry: When George and Marty are at the gas station getting ready to confront Lorraine about the dance, George's hair is messy and ungroomed, when the shot changes to him walking away, his hair is nice and combed. (00:43:00)

Correction: Just before Marty and George go into the cafe, Marty says "can you take care of that?", and he is looking at George's hair, as George is running his hand through it. We can therefore assume that Marty was talking about George's hair, so just before they go into the cafe, George combs his hair.

Corrected entry: At The End of the movie, when Marty and Jennifer are in the DeLorean with Doc, Marty says "You don't have enough road to get up to 88 miles an hour". But only a few hours ago, minutes to the viewer even, after Doc dropped Marty off at home, we see the DeLorean back out of the driveway and speed off, and we hear and see the sound and light of him going into the future down the same stretch of road. Marty is either not good with depth perception or the Doc must've driven through someone's house to get up to 88 miles an hour.

Correction: When Doc Brown goes into the future by himself, we see the DeLorean pull out of the driveway and race down the street, out of view, before it turns around and races past again and vanish into the future. Doc has apparently gone far enough down the street before turning around to give himself enough room to accelerate. After he comes back to pick up Marty and Jennifer, he only pulls out of the driveway rather than driving further down the street as he had before, prompting Marty's comment.

Corrected entry: When Doc is trying to fix the wire on the clock tower, its caught under the tree and doesn't reach. Yet then he twists it up twice and slides down it to fix the part on the ground. If it wouldn't reach when it was stuck under the tree, how on earth would it fit if it's wrapped twice around the arm on the clock?

Correction: In the initial attempt, the wire is caught under the tree but still attached to another wire (the one the Delorean will hit). Doc then breaks that connection, so the wire moves and the connector at the end of it gets stuck to the tree. Even though the wire is still under the tree, he has more wire to wrap around the arm of the clock.

Corrected entry: At the beginning of the movie the spilt second after the Amp blows up and Marty is jolted back, you can see the cable that is hooked to him.

Correction: This is probably just the cable that connects the guitar with the amp. Also, the speaker blows up, not the amp.

Corrected entry: In the beginning of the film Doc's address is 1646. When Marty is at Doc's house in 1955 his address is 1640. (00:05:35 - 00:47:25)

Correction: In the present Doc is living in his garage not his house. The garage is further down the street from where his house was, so the number is higher. Why? His house burned down. You can read about it during the opening scene, when we pan through Doc's garage.

Corrected entry: When Marty first goes to Doc Brown's house in 1955, Doc mocks Marty's claim that he has come back in time from 1985. When Marty tells him Ronald Reagan is President in 1985, Doc mocks him again and says "I suppose Jane Wyman is First Lady." Ronald Reagan divorced Jane Wyman in the late 1940s and married Nancy Davis in 1952. The fact was well known to anyone who kept track of movie stars so if Doc knew who Reagan was married to the first time, he would know in 1955 that Reagan had been married to Nancy Davis for three years by the time of the scene.

Correction: He's mocking Marty. He is saying that it would be about as believable for Jane Wyman to be first lady with Ronald Reagan as it would be for Ronald Reagan to become president in the first place.


Corrected entry: If Marty had made such an impression on his parents which is how he was supposed to have got his name, surely they would have called their 1st son Marty and not Marty who was their 3rd child? (01:27:20)

Correction: His older brother could have gotten a family name. Which would trump an old friend's name.

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Corrected entry: If Marty's family is so much more successful after his trip back in time, why do they still live in the same small house?


Correction: It could be a nice neighborhood. A larger house might have had a high property tax. Just because they moved up in the wealth sector doesn't mean they would have moved far above the upper-middle class level.

Corrected entry: In this movie when you go back in time you would get there at the exact time you on the time machine. At the end of the movie when Marty figures out he has all the time he needs he sets the time machine to 1:24 or some other hour with 24 as the minutes. When Marty gets back to 1985 he crashes into the movie theater, drives down the road, and says hi to the homeless guy. After all that Marty looks up at clock and you see that time just went from 23 to 24 minutes. Wouldn't it already be a few seconds after 24 minutes?


Correction: Not all clocks are synchronized. The clock in town might have been set a few seconds behind the clock in the DeLorean.

Corrected entry: There is simply no way a VW bus (driven by the terrorists) would be able to keep up in a race with a DeLorean (driven by Marty).

Correction: Marty has to keep going around the tight corners in the parking lot, therefore slowing his speed considerably. It's only when he has a straight stretch in front of him that he has enough room to really get up to speed, and get away.


Corrected entry: When George walks in to Lou's, he orders a chocolate milk. How could Lou have made a chocolate milk in less than three seconds?

Correction: Some soda shops have milk machines (I had one at the cafeteria in the dorms at college), one side is regular milk, the other is chocolate. Lou probably made the batch of chocolate milk that morning, and all he had to do was push a lever and fill the glass.


Corrected entry: Near the end when Marty gets locked in the trunk he says the keys are there with him. Why would the keys be in the trunk?.

Correction: It was an accident. Similar to locking your keys inside your car. My parents have done this several times with their older cars.


Corrected entry: In the scene where Marty is playing "Johnny B. Good" there is an overhead view of the dance in the gymnasium. If you look quickly, you can spot the 3 point line on the gym court. The three point line did not come into existence until the late 1970s. (01:24:15)

Correction: Having just watched the scene in the gym three times, there is definitely NOT a three point line on the floor in any shot. In fact, it was intentionally supposed to be a VERY short basketball court. The top of the keys almost touched. There wasn't even room for a full center jump circle. (I have seen gyms like this even in the 80s.) Several shots show the floor and none of them shows a line that could be considered a three point line. It simply is not there and wouldn't be there since they didn't shooot the scene on an NBA gym which would be the only gym that would have one in 1984-1985 during the filming of this movie.

Continuity mistake: When Marty chases after Biff on the borrowed 'skateboard', Marty is wearing a dark grey belt and a red/blue print shirt under his red/beige jacket. However, when Marty is hanging on to the front of Biff's car as they turn a corner (and in another shot), Marty (stunt double) is wearing a light brown belt and solid tan shirt. (01:07:00)

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Trivia: The farm where Marty arrives in 1955 belongs to a man called Peabody, and he calls his son Sherman; the names are a tribute to "Sherman and Mr. Peabody," two cartoon time travellers from a 1960s American TV show.

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Question: How is Marty able to play a 1980s videotape on a 1950s television set? Is this just another example of Doc's ahead-of-his-time inventiveness?

Answer: Video tape system back then could output an NTSC video signal, just like broadcast at the time, and up to HD in the 2000s. Usually there was a switch on the video device to change the output frequency between channels 3 or 4. Depending on what was an open channel in your area.

Answer: The video camera was in the DeLorean. With the right kind of adapter, which was common enough in the 80s that Doc might've had it on the camera or been able to jury-rig something in the 50s, it would have been possible to connect it into the antenna screws in the back of the TV and play it directly from the camera.

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TVs in the 50s had a two prong antennae connection (two screws in the back that you put a prong antennae into) TVs in the mid 80s also had this. The coax connection (the one wire that screws in) was starting to become common, but, the two prong connection would have been more likely on any given TV at the time, so, whatever wire they used to preview recordings probably had that. very convenient that Marty brought those cords with him.

An old Atari 2600 RF Adapter would be how one would link a video camera to an old-fashioned television. A simple-enough part that Doc could probably make one with 1950s technology.

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