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Corrected entry: Whenever someone talks about the 1.21 gigawatt's needed to power the DeLorean, they say it as "jigawatt" instead of "gigawatt" (subtle difference). There is no such thing as a "jigawatt". A "gigawatt", however, is possible, however unlikely (ref. Doc says the only way to have 1.21 gigawatt's instantly is with a bolt of lightning).

Correction: The word can be pronounced either way:

Corrected entry: When the time machine with Einstein inside disappears, it sends a trail of flames forward. They go past Marty and Doc's feet, yet in the next shot the flames are still coming at them, rather then behind them. (00:21:55)

Correction: There were flames in front of them too. The flames behind them were not as strong since the car was disappearing and burned out sooner then the flames in front of them. Just like when you accelerate quickly and spin the tires. The marks left where you started spinning your tires are much darker then where your wheels stop spinning are.

Corrected entry: At the end when George's book is delivered, Lorraine says it is his first novel. If that is the case, what has he been doing for the past 20-30 years to support his family and make them better off than they were at the start?

Correction: His improved self-confidence would have landed him a better job in the meantime. Also, just because it's his first novel doesn't mean he hasn't been writing; he could have published plenty of articles or short stories.


Corrected entry: In order for the time machine to stay in the same place geographically, it would have to move with the Earth's revolutions over the years. Otherwise, even a small time jump could leave the person miles from where he started. So the Doc is wrong in saying that it can't move through space as well as time.

Correction: In fact it would not only have to move with the Earth's revolutions, but with its orbit around the sun and the sun's movement through the Milky Way as well. However, it is a long accepted science fiction convention that this is not taken into account in time travel stories. Time travel is impossible anyway, so you just have to accept the fantasy elements of the whole thing.

Corrected entry: To get Marty back to 1985, Doc has to time the Delorean's trip just right to have its hook hit the wire when the lightning strikes. Putting aside the wild notion of timing something to the exact millisecond, the alarm in the Delorean goes off while the car is stalled. Marty takes several seconds to get the car started again, which is going to throw off all of the calculations required to get the Delorean to the lightning strike and make Marty miss it.

Correction: They were based on Marty accelerating at a specific rate; all he has to do is accelerate faster to catch up, though of course he has no idea how much faster and gets lucky.


Corrected entry: After the Delorean goes back to 1985, it crashes into the building in front of it (a newsagents, or some kind of store). If it was going at 88MPH, shouldn't it be totally wrecked? No wonder it doesn't start. (01:37:55)

Correction: We see (from Einstein's trip) that the time machine can stop very quickly after the jump. It possible that Marty stopped very quickly after the jump to the future and wasn't going very fast when he hit the building.

Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty are confronted by the Libyans in the Mall, the Libyan who is driving curses when his van won't start. As he curses, you can see he is not actually saying anything at all.

Correction: In the scene described, it seems like the words being said are being made by the guy driving. But if you watch that scene with the commentary (from the dvds), you find out the line is actually "damn soviet gun", being said by the terrorist who is standing trying to shoot (and his gun won't work), rather than the one driving who is in the shot. Before I saw the commentary, I thought it was the man driving who was supposed to be saying "damn son-of-a-gun" as well.

Corrected entry: Near the beginning when Biff returns George's crashed car, after the discussion about who will pay for it etc., Biff goes to the fridge and gets a beer. He complains that George only has 'Lite' beer for him, but if you look on the fridge door it seems there are 3 cans of what appears to be 'regular' Budweiser. (00:13:05)


Correction: He just didn't look in the door and just assumed there was only lite beer.

Vernon Gilmore

Corrected entry: Between scenes Marty's shoes change, e.g. in the skateboard chase scene he is wearing black converse shoes, but when he is in the time machine travelling back to 1985 he is wearing white Nike trainers.

Correction: Not a mistake. After Marty says "Yeah, I can spend a week in 1955." Doc says "first, we have to get you out of those clothes" - this is so Marty blended in with current fashions of the 50's. When Marty is going back to 1985, he claims that he isn't going back in his 50's clothes - "you think I'm going back in those clothes?.", or something to that effect. It was all done to make Marty less suspicious to the people around him.

Corrected entry: When Marty saved his father from being run over by his grandfather, he had automatically altered the future. Shouldn't he and his siblings have disappeared altogether?

Leonard Hassen

Correction: The timestream, as portrayed in the films, is quite resiliant and resistant to change, which is why Marty doesn't vanish immediately. As time passes in the new configuration, that resilience is overcome and things begin to disappear from the timeline, beginning with his older siblings (who are closer to the point of disruption) and ending with Marty himself. Fortunately Marty is able to get the timeline back onto a course that includes him and his siblings before that happens completely.

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Corrected entry: Marty calls out to the band, "Alright, this is a blues riff in 'B'..." however, the recording (both the one present in the film and Chuck Berry's) is in Bb (B-flat). Also Michael J. Fox's hands are playing the song correctly in Bb (B-flat).

Correction: Actually, B flat is referred to as 'B', and B as 'H', by many musicians, especially educated blues players.

Corrected entry: In the first scene, when Marty enters Doc's lab, you see him kicking the keys back under the mat, but at the end of the scene, you see him tossing the keys onto the table.

Correction: The keys that Marty tosses are part of the amplifier equipment that he has just blown up.

Corrected entry: The first time that we see the Enchantment Under the Sea dance, the speaker on the left of the stage is sitting on an upturned pepsi crate, but in later scenes, including when Marty kicks the speaker over at the end of 'Johnny B Goode' the crate is gone. (01:25:45)

Correction: There is more than enough time for the band members to move the Pepsi crate-there are scenes in between when the Pepsi crate is there, then disappears, and they could have removed it then.

Corrected entry: When the DeLorean is struck by lightning, there is a second stunt person in the passenger seat of the DeLorean. Since they never re-shot this scene, you can see it in all three BTTF movies. (01:36:35)

Correction: No there isn't - that is just the seat and headrest. I have zoomed in and there is just a seat - no person.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the film when Doc is sending Marty back to 1985 Doc says "Which will be in exaclty 7 minutes and 22 seconds when this alarm goes off you hit the gas." From the time Doc sets the alarm to the time the lighting hits the tower is actually over 8 minutes.

Correction: Yes, you see more than eight minutes on your TV, but some shots take place at the same moment and some things are not even shown (like Marty driving along the road to the start line) so you can't tell how much time exactly passes between Doc setting up the alarm and the lightning striking.

Corrected entry: In the scene where George is walking into the cafe to talk to Lorraine, in the background someone asks for a Cherry Coke. In 1955, there was no Cherry Coke.

Correction: Pre-made Cherry Coke did not exist, but 'Cherry Coke' (a Coke with a shot of cherry syrup added) was a common soda-fountain item for many years before Coca Cola introduced the 'official' product. See and

J I Cohen

Corrected entry: After the DeLorean arrives in 1955, the speedometer shows the car is decelerating. However, just before crashing into old man Peabody's barn, the speedo shows it go down to 49, then start going up again. (00:30:15)

Correction: After the shot of the speedometer going up again, you can see a wide shot of the DeLorean, and you can see that it has just gone over a lump in the ground. It began accelerating again because it went down the lump.

Corrected entry: In the beginning when Marty is blasted to the other side of the room by the huge speaker, the shelves behind him tilt over, spilling all the papers onto him, leaving the shelves completely empty. In a closeup though, another stack lands on his head from nowhere. (00:04:00)

Correction: Look closely at the tippy-top of the shelf. When the papers fall, the edges continue up.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Marty traveles back in time and crashes into the barn, the DeLorean is facing the opposite way from where it crashed in from. And furthermore, the barn doors were already open when he drives into the barn, but when the family enters the scene, the barn doors had to be opened. (00:31:33)

Correction: When the DeLorean goes into the barn, it could have hit the side of the barn and swerved around, which explains it facing the other way. As for the door having to be opened, it wouldn't have taken much for the door to simply swing back by itself and latch itself up.

Corrected entry: Wouldn't the Doc have a problem breathing in the beginning of the movie when the Delorean is backing out of a smoke filled semi-truck? And why is there so much "fog" coming out of the car when the Doc first gets out? (00:18:25)


Correction: Just because there's smoke in the truck it doesn't mean the car is actually full of it. Also, it could well be some form of coolant as we see how hot the car gets, which explains why there is "smoke" there. Plus depending on the type of "smoke" it wouldn't necessarily affect his breathing.

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Continuity mistake: When we first see the machine in action, the travel is shown from three different angles. In the second, a line of fire passes directly between Doc's legs, but in the third angle, they pass to the left of both of his legs. (00:21:00)


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Trivia: In the battle of the bands scene, when Marty introduces The Pinheads, Huey Lewis, who provided "The Power of Love" for the film's soundtrack, plays the second judge from the left, and is the one who eventually says, "You're just too darn loud." (00:07:40)

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Question: What does the saying "Why don't you make like a tree, and get out of here", mean?

Answer: It's a way of saying "scram" or "get lost." But Biff is so dim, he doesn't realize he's saying it wrong; the expression is "make like a tree and leaf", with the joke being that "leaf" is meant to sound like "leave."

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