Back to the Future

Corrected entry: In the scene in the beginning at the mall when Marty is being chased by the Libyans, the tripmeter on the Delorean goes from about 17 miles to 87 miles in a matter of seconds.

Correction: The inconsistency of the trip counter has already been submitted.


Corrected entry: When the wrecked car is being backed into the driveway, it is after dark. But when Marty walks into the house and hears Biff complaining about the blind spot, look out the back glass doors. It's daytime back there.

Correction: It is not after dark. It is just getting dark, it is still light outside like a summer evening between 9 and 10pm. Same as in the background when Biff is complaining.


Corrected entry: Near the end when Biff is waxing the BMW, it is close to the garage door. But when the family goes back inside less than a minute elapses and suddenly Biff brings in the book shipment and then gives Marty the keys to the truck. When Marty goes out the front door, the BMW has now suddenly moved to the far side of the driveway. There wasn't time for Biff to finish waxing, accept the book shipment, and move the BMW in less than a minute.

Correction: It is never stated that Biff finished waxing the BMW. As for the movement of the car, if he was moving it when the delivery person arrived, all he had to do was get out of the now-moved car, sign a form, and bring in the box. You could do this in a minute.


Corrected entry: The rods of plutonium are transparent red, whereas real plutonium is a silvery metal.

Correction: More than likely they would have used a dilute plutonium compound (According to Wikipedia the red colour suggests Plutonium (IV) chloride, rather than pure plutonium metal, which is highly dangerous to handle outside controlled conditions, as it emits enough gamma radiation that would kill Marty and Doc within seconds.

Andy Benham Premium member

Corrected entry: When Marty is recovering from being hit by the car, his mom continually refers to him as Calvin. When Marty asks why, she responds "Well thats your name isn't it? Calvin Klein. It's written all over your underwear." But when Marty puts his pants on, we see his purple underwear and there is nothing written on them.

Gavin Jackson

Correction: The writing is on the waistband of the underwear which is covered by Marty's shirt. If you watch in slow-mo Marty lifts part of his shirt for a split second and you can see something written on them.

Mister Ed

Corrected entry: Following the mistake about the menu design in the cafeteria, look at the background. The sun has moved a lot. Look trough the window and you'll notice the shadows were a second before was sunny. (00:38:15)

Correction: The shadows can easily be explained by passing clouds.

Corrected entry: When Marty is driving the time machine trying to escape the Libyans, he shifts gears to get up to the speed he wants. Yet when Doc puts Einstein in the time machine he never shifts gears at all and he power brakes, which can only be done with an automatic, there isn't even a device on the remote control to shift.

Correction: You can power shift with a standard transmission, it's just not as easy since you need to heel and toe the accelerator and/or clutch. Most Deloreans were manual transmissions. We don't know how Doc built the remote control, so we don't know if he built into it a means of shifting to a preset pattern, or if he had something like a pushbutton to shift the car that we don't see on the remote control.

Corrected entry: When Doc shows both his watch and Einstein's watch, the time is 1:19 a.m. From that time, to the time Einstein goes into the future which is 1:20 a.m, is really 1 minute 45 seconds. (00:19:45)

Correction: This is not inconsistent. If Einstein left at, say, 1:19:10, and arrives back at 1:20:55, this would be a minute and forty-five seconds, and the watches would be consistent.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene where Marty plugs his guitar into the gigantic amplifier, there is no feedback - if he was standing that close, at that volume, with that amount of overdrive, there would be some ridiculously loud feedback almost instantaneously. The pickups on an electric guitar will feedback the output from a speaker just as easily as a microphone does.

Correction: Given that Doc has just invented a time machine, the idea that he could invent an amp that doesn't suffer from feedback isn't so far fetched.


Corrected entry: When Doc and Marty go to Hill Valley High School in 1955 (to look for his parents), the bell rings and everyone in the corridors leaves and goes into several classrooms. About 2 or 3 minutes later, when Marty and Doc are discussing how to get his parents together, the bell rings again and everyone in the classrooms comes back out to the corridors. It can't be because of registration because when Doc and Marty arrive, the bell is heard ringing and people are in the corridors suggesting that either registration or a lesson had just finished.

Correction: Some schools have "homeroom" which is only about 4 or 5 minutes long.

shortdanzr Premium member

Corrected entry: The morning after Marty has returned from 1955, there's a shot of Biff waxing George's car. Behind Biff we see his "Biff's Auto" yellow truck, however when Marty goes to the garage to see his new pickup truck, Biff's yellow truck has suddenly disappeared. He couldn't have suddenly left - he'd just been given a severe talking-to about not doing the second coat of wax yet.

Correction: We know Biff didn't leave because he brought in the box of George McFly's book "A Match Made In Space", but it is possible that Biff could've moved the truck out of the driveway. After being giving a talking to about not doing a second coat of wax he probably doesn't want to block up his employer's driveway.

Corrected entry: After the Libyans have shot Doc Brown, Marty screams "Bastarddddddd." When we cut to Marty after he has said it, his lips aren't moving, yet the "rddddd..." can still be heard.

Correction: It only continues for a fraction of a second after, and that can be attributed to echo.

Corrected entry: In the very beginning of the film there is a clock with a cat on it. This is the same clock used in "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids," which is another Robert Zemeckis film.

Correction: Robert Zemeckis has no connection with "Honey, I shrunk the Kids" at all.

Corrected entry: At the very beginning of the film we see the machine Doc has invented to feed his dog. It takes a can of dog food and positions it under a can opener, and the lid is held by a magnet after it is cut off. The machine then tips the contents of the can into a bowl which holds three or four days worth of dog food, indicating that nobody has been around for a while. So, who has been removing the lids from the magnetic holder?

Correction: The previous lid gets knocked off when a new can is picked up.


Corrected entry: California license plates only allow for 7 letters. But the Delorean has a California plate with 8 letters (OUTATIME). (00:18:15)

Correction: Actually, the "OUTATIME" plate is just a vanity plate (obviously added by Doc). The DeLorean has a real, registered California plate on its opposite end: 3CZV657.

Corrected entry: When Marty is in the Delorean ready to go back to 1985, he gets upset that Doc Brown tore up the letter and that he didn't have enough time to warn Doc about his future death. When Marty realizes that he can use the Delorean to go back early and warn Doc Brown of 1985 that he will be killed, Marty says,"Ten minutes oughta do it." Marty actually gives himself eleven minutes.

Correction: So he can't do math in his head in a few seconds. Character mistake.

shortdanzr Premium member

Or, he was just rounding down.

Corrected entry: In the escape from the Libyan chasers, watch the ending of the chase. Marty already pushed the car to 90 on the analog speedometer, but the digital barely even made the jump to 88.

Joseph Z

Correction: Analogue speedometers are not, as a rule, particularly accurate, hence Doc's choice to put in a digital version. It's not unreasonable that the two could differ in their reading by several miles per hour.

Tailkinker Premium member

Corrected entry: At the point where Marty shows the Doc the video camera from the future and hooks it up, the recording plays. Then Marty fast-forwards the video. While fast-forwarding, when the Doc lifts the camera up and turns it around to admire the technology, the blue wire falls off the video camera. When resuming play after a few seconds, the video turns out to be just fine, though without the cable, the image/sound or electricity should have been interrupted. (00:35:15)

Correction: That's the cable to the main electricity supply, which also works as a battery charger. So as long as the battery on the camera is already charged, it will keep working.

Corrected entry: Whenever someone talks about the 1.21 gigawatt's needed to power the DeLorean, they say it as "jigawatt" instead of "gigawatt" (subtle difference). There is no such thing as a "jigawatt". A "gigawatt", however, is possible, however unlikely (ref. Doc says the only way to have 1.21 gigawatt's instantly is with a bolt of lightning).

Correction: The word can be pronounced either way:

Corrected entry: When the time machine with Einstein inside disappears, it sends a trail of flames forward. They go past Marty and Doc's feet, yet in the next shot the flames are still coming at them, rather then behind them. (00:21:55)

Correction: There were flames in front of them too. The flames behind them were not as strong since the car was disappearing and burned out sooner then the flames in front of them. Just like when you accelerate quickly and spin the tires. The marks left where you started spinning your tires are much darker then where your wheels stop spinning are.

Continuity mistake: When Biff and his goon friends are in Biff's car, as they chase Marty on his borrowed 'skateboard', the car's rearview mirror repeatedly disappears and reappears, and the side mirror changes from round to square repeatedly. (01:06:50)

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Marty McFly: Calvin? Why do you keep calling me Calvin?
Lorraine Baines: Well, that is your name, isn't it? Calvin Klein? It's written all over your underwear.

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Trivia: In the battle of the bands scene, when Marty introduces The Pinheads, Huey Lewis, who provided "The Power of Love" for the film's soundtrack, plays the second judge from the left, and is the one who eventually says, "You're just too darn loud." (00:07:40)

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Question: Right when Marty gets back to Doc before he goes back to 1985, he's praising his dad's actions of the night. One line that's bothered me ever since I can remember is "My dad laid out Biff. He's never stood up to Biff in his life." And then the Doc pauses for a second and gets a strange look on his face and says, "Never?" To that, Marty says, "No, why?" and the Doc shrugs it off saying, "Nevermind." What's Doc thinking? The best I can come up with is that he's wondering what effects it'll have on the future, but that's a rough guess. If anyone out there knows, I'd be happy to hear it.


Chosen answer: I think that is *exactly* what he is thinking. He realizes that by standing up to Biff, George may have irrevocably changed his personal future, and therefore affected Marty's future as well. This is exactly the sort of thing Doc was so eager to prevent by refusing to hear any information about the future.

Phil C.

Answer: In the novel Marty adds that George is also thinking about college now. Doc says that this might delay Loraine and George having kids for awhile and adds that Marty might find himself like 10-14 years old when he gets back to 1985.

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