Back to the Future

Corrected entry: In the scene where Marty & Doc are watching the videotaped experiment, Doc picks up the camcorder to admire it. As he does, a wire that was connected to it falls off, yet the playback is unaffected. (00:52:45)

Correction: If the wire was the AC adapter, and the battery had charge left, playback wouldn't have been affected. Doc would have likely had the AC adapter and all the patch cables in his suitcase stored in the DeLorean's hood-trunk. Perfectly reasonable assumption, since hosehold-standard voltage hasn't changed for many decades, and it isn't likely to be changed in 2010 (Doc's original idea for his destination year).

Corrected entry: When Marty encounters Doc Brown for the first time in '55, Brown asks him who is now the president (in the future) and Marty responds "Ronald Reagan" (pronounced Raygen); then Brown says "Ronald Reagan the movie actor?" When Ronald Reagan was a movie actor, he pronounced his last name "Reegan" (he changed the pronunciation later when he got into politics), so Brown shouldn't have been able to make the association.

Correction: Doc may have easily made the association, even if he had thought Marty pronouncing it incorrectly. Many times, people hear what they think they hear, and if you say the name quickly either way, it could be taken as either pronounciation.

Corrected entry: After Marty gets off the stage after playing "Johnny B Goode" he runs into his future parents. His father thanks him for all his good advice. His mother asks him if they are ever going to see him again. Wouldn't they just assume that Marty will be back in school on Monday? (01:30:20)

Correction: Although I don't think it is ever said, it is made clear throughout the film that Marty (posing as Doc's nephew) is only at the school for a short time, whilst staying with his 'uncle'. The night of the dance is obviously his last night before returning to his normal school.

Corrected entry: In the beginning, Doc and Marty meet at the Twin Pine Mall, and we learn that Doc has built a time machine, which runs on plutonium. He has a heavy case filled with several containers of plutonium, one of which he inserts into the DeLorean. Doc is then killed and Marty flees to 1955. When he goes back to 1985, he plans to get there ten minutes early in order to prevent Doc's death. However, the car runs out of gas and Marty has to run to the Lone Pine Mall on foot, thus getting there too late. He is devastated that Doc is dead. Why? There is more plutonium two feet from him, in the truck. He can just take some, put it in the car, and come back ten minutes early again--or thirty minutes, or an hour, or a day, or whatever he wants.


Correction: True, but this solution probably wouldn't occur to him moments after he saw Doc murdered, so it is conceivable that he would grieve for a while and then hit on the idea if Doc hadn't been wearing body armor.

Corrected entry: When Marty first arrives in '55, he has to walk 2 miles into Hill Valley from where he leaves the car. But back in '85 he can get from downtown (crash near the movie theater) to the Mall in less than 10 minutes. Why need a skateboard when you can run that fast?


Correction: In 1955 Marty drives for a while from the future 'Twin pines/Lone Pine' mall spot to where he parked the car (the future Lyon Estates). It was dark when he started driving and daylight when the car gave out on him. Not knowing that he was in the past he probably tried to drive from downtown Hill Valley to his home. The mall is a lot closer to downtown Hill Valley. Maybe even in Hill Valley.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Doc is demonstrating the time machine for the first time, he enters several dates he could conceivably go to, one of which is the birth of Christ, which he enters as Dec. 25, 0000, but there is no year 0. It goes from 1 B.C. to 1 A.D. (00:25:01)

Correction: Yeah, it's something Doc should have known, but he was simply demonstrating the circuits to Marty, so I dunno if this could be counted as a filming mistake. If Doc was that concerned with inputting the actual date, it would have been (according to historians) sometime in March or April of 4BC.

Corrected entry: Do you honestly think that Marty's parents wouldn't think it was the slightest bit odd that their son happens to look and talk and dress EXACTLY like the boy that hooked them up in high school?

Correction: Ever realized all of a sudden that someone you know bears a resemblance to someone you knew a long time ago? Sure - it happens... (either Marty's parents haven't reached that point yet, or they simply never noticed - it's been 18 years, remember...)

It's been 30 years and Marty was only around for a few days. Can you remember everyone you only saw for a few days 30 years ago? I've got a great memory and I have a hard time remembering someone I met even a few years ago.

Corrected entry: The speedometer of a Delorean doesn't go past 85 mph. There is a Delorean shop in the town I live in with about twenty Deloreans behind a fence. I checked it out and none of them had a speedometer that goes past 85. Makes you wonder how it was any different in the car they used for the movie.

Correction: DeLoreans came with an option for a 165MPH speedometer.

Corrected entry: Doc uses plutonium in the DeLorean's flux capacitor via a container of liquid. Plutonium is typically formed in rods of packed pellets, not in a liquid form. (00:27:03)

Correction: The liquid just surrounds the little rod of plutonium in it. Watch when Doc refils the Delorean, he turns the cylinder and the little rod gets sucked down. That is one of the rods you are talking about.

Corrected entry: Who wrote the song "Johnny B Goode"? It can't have been Chuck Berry, because his cousin Marvin held the telephone up while Marty was playing the song on stage, and Chuck heard it first then. It can't have been Marty either, because he heard the Chuck Berry version of the song while he was growing up. So we have a paradox - nobody ever wrote the song. Whoops - end of the universe time. (01:27:16)

Correction: Not a paradox at all - originally Chuck Berry wrote it and Marty heard it, but in the altered timeline Chuck Berry got his inspiration from Marty. Not a paradox, just a change.

Corrected entry: In the scene where Marty is trying to call Doc from the coffee shop, his digital watch beeps. He is never shown removing it and it's the last we see of the watch. Wouldn't Marty have used the digital watch as proof to Doc he was from 1985? Would it not have been more accurate for timing in the scene when Marty drives towards the clock tower (to go back to '85) than of the analog alarm clock?

Correction: We do see the watch two more times in the movie. When Marty and Doc are uncovering the car to get ready to send him back to 1985, Marty has the watch on, but when he drives the car down the street it is back off. Then we see it again when Marty gets back to 1985 and is at the mall watching himself getting chased by the Libyans.

Corrected entry: When the time machine comes back from its first ride with Einstein, the car spins and isn't icy. However, when a different angle is shown, the car has ice on it.

Correction: The shot of Marty and Doc is long enough for ice to form, given how cold it is.

Corrected entry: When Marty finally goes back to 1985 they pan up to a shot of the clock tower, then at the bottom of the screen it suddenly says 1985. The shot is still on the clock tower but if you look at the trees and branches in the shot they have not changed for 30 years?

Correction: It doesn't pan up to it, it's a cut. There's nothing to suggest that the shot of the clock tower is meant to be in 1955.

Corrected entry: The DeLorean is an actual registered vehicle in California, with license plate 3CZV657.

Corrected entry: Plutonium is not a red liquid, it is a white-silver coloured metal. Even oxidised in solution it would be paler than shown.

Correction: It wouldn't be safe to use plutonium metal. Even with the suits on, both Marty and Doc would be subject to lethally high amounts of beta and gamma radiation. Chances are they used a dilute solution (possibly plutonium (IV) chloride as that is red in colour) and it is possible to deeper red is down to dye or impurities in the solution - the latter is possible as Doc acquired it from terrorists.

Andy Benham 6979

Corrected entry: Einstein, Dr. Emmett's dog is the first to travel in the time machine. He travels one minute into the future during which he ceased to exist in the current time only to reappear one minute later. According to this it hence would be impossible for the Doc, Marty and his girlfriend, Jennifer, to travel into the future and see their futures as they would have ceased to exist as of when they left the current time until they reappear in the time they set hence impossible to have continued their normal course of life and exist in the future.

Correction: The series makes it clear that the timeline is highly resistant to changes, and that when you make a change to the timeline, there's a delay before those changes impact the timeline. This is why Marty saw the photo of him and his siblings slowly fading rather than instantly disappearing as soon as he interrupted his parents' getting together. In the second movie, Jennifer and Marty weren't in the future for long enough to start impacting the timeline.

Corrected entry: The camera that Doc Brown used was a JVC GR-C1, (produced in March 1984) (Also, this particular camcorder was the first built in camera also to feature a tape deck built in).


Correction: A perfectly legitimate camera for someone to have in the year 1985.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie when Marty's alarm goes off, it is 10:27 am. His brother and sister are at the dining room table eating breakfast. They are both dressed in business attire. It doesn't make sense that two business persons would be eating breakfast at home at 10:30am.

Correction: It's also Saturday. Dave may have had a weekend business meeting, so it wouldn't have required him to come in at his regular time.

JC Fernandez

Corrected entry: When Marty is hit by Lorraine's dad, it is right in front of the Baines house. If he was right in front of his house, then why was he driving so fast? He should have been slowing down to pull into the driveway or park, but he appears to still be going at a pretty good speed.


Correction: There's any number of reasons. Maybe he's just a reckless driver, maybe he was headed to the store after work to pick something up and his house happened to be between the store and his job. Just because you don't know why something happened does not make it a mistake.

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Corrected entry: Right when Marty returns to 1985, and has to run back to the mall, we see him call the drunken bum on the bench "Red". In 1955, "Red" is the first name of the mayor running for re-election in one of the first shots of the town we see. (01:38:20)

Correction: While their names are similar, Bob Gale confirmed on the DVD commentary that Michael J Fox improvised the name on the day and "Red" isn't mayor elect Red Thomas from 1955. It's also a different actor playing the bum vs. on the poster.

Continuity mistake: When Marty chases after Biff on the borrowed 'skateboard', Marty is wearing a dark grey belt and a red/blue print shirt under his red/beige jacket. However, when Marty is hanging on to the front of Biff's car as they turn a corner (and in another shot), Marty (stunt double) is wearing a light brown belt and solid tan shirt. (01:07:00)

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Marty McFly: Calvin? Why do you keep calling me Calvin?
Lorraine Baines: Well, that is your name, isn't it? Calvin Klein? It's written all over your underwear.

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Trivia: In the battle of the bands scene, when Marty introduces The Pinheads, Huey Lewis, who provided "The Power of Love" for the film's soundtrack, plays the second judge from the left, and is the one who eventually says, "You're just too darn loud." (00:07:40)

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Question: What does the saying "Why don't you make like a tree, and get out of here", mean?

Answer: It's a way of saying "scram" or "get lost." But Biff is so dim, he doesn't realize he's saying it wrong; the expression is "make like a tree and leaf", with the joke being that "leaf" is meant to sound like "leave."

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