Pulp Fiction

Trivia: A scene removed from the final cut of the film involves Jules trying to consider what to do while Pumpkin and Honey Bunny are robbing the diner. In the scene, Jules points his gun at the bottom of the table and fires up twice, hitting Pumpkin and killing him. He then spins around and shoots Honey Bunny three times, killing her. As she falls to the floor her gun goes off and hits the long haired Yuppie scum, who dies screaming on the floor. The scene then cuts back to Jules talking to Pumpkin in the diner, revealing the shootings to have happened entirely in Jules' mind.

Trivia: The film's producer Lawrence Bender is one of the long-haired yuppies at the coffee shop.

Trivia: Butch's great-grandfather bought the gold watch in Knoxville, Tennessee and this is also where Butch is meeting his connection. Knoxville is Quentin Tarantino's birthplace.

Trivia: According to the script, Jimmie's last name is Dimmick. This was revealed to be Mr. White's last name in a "Reservoir Dogs" deleted scene.

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Trivia: More trivia than blooper, but in the opening scene, you can see the bottom half of Vincent on the way to the bathroom while Pumpkin and Honey Bunny are talking, and you can also hear Jules talking.

Trivia: The cabdriver, Esmeralda Villa Lobos (Angela Jones) appeared in a 30 minute short called Curdled in which she played a character who cleaned up after murders. This makes her fascinated by the idea of murder. Tarantino saw this film and decided to include this character in Pulp Fiction but as a cabdriver.

Trivia: John Travolta (Vincent) first meets Quentin Tarantino (Jimmy) to discuss his part in the film at Tarantino's L.A. apartment. It was the same apartment in which Travolta once lived as a struggling Hollywood newcomer.

Trivia: The marquee where Butch boxes advertises "Vossler vs Martinez''. This is a reference to Russell Vossler and Jerry Martinez, two friends of Tarantino's from when he worked in a video store.

Trivia: Tarantino was originally going to make The Gold Watch story and the story about Vincent and Mia as short films. He planned on using them as a sort of resume, so he could show them around and hope to raise money for filming Reservoir Dogs. He ended up raising enough money for Reservoir Dogs without the short films, and put the scripts away. He took them out later, and decided to use them to make a full length movie. That is when he wrote the story about Jules and Vincent, and realized that all three could be tied together for one film.

Trivia: When Samuel Jackson read the script, he commented 'I couldn't believe they would allow him to shoot this film.' In addition, Bruce Willis wanted so much to be in this film that he even agreed to whatever price they paid him.

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Trivia: When Vince and Mia are going into Jackrabbit Slims, Vince has a good look around. He notices a toy car race going on (the sort where the cars are on a track). The colours of the tracks are blue, pink, white, orange, yellow and brown - the colour-coded aliases the thieves in Reservoir Dogs (Tarantino's debut hit) were assigned (with yellow being Mr. Blonde, obviously).

Trivia: Its interesting to note that Bruce Willis' character shoots the man who played his father in "look who's talking".

Trivia: Mia and Marcellus Wallace never speak to each other on screen, despite being husband and wife.


Trivia: Vincent was originally supposed to have shot Marvin twice - once accidentally in the throat, and the second to put him out of his misery; Quentin Tarantino changed it to a single-bullet killing, because he thought it would be funnier.

Trivia: The guy who comes out of the bathroom is played by Alexis Arquette who is the brother of Rosanna and Patricia.

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the apartment with Brett, Vincent closes the briefcase and leaves it on the kitchen counter. He continues to smoke until it's almost time to shoot Brett. They shoot Brett and the scene fades out to be continued later. Later we see that after shooting Brett, Vincent is focused on Marvin still in the corner having a panic attack. Jules tells Marvin to knock it off and the man comes out of the bathroom. Jules and Vincent shoot him, then Vincent chides Marvin for not telling them there was someone in the bathroom. Vincent only has his gun in his hand, no briefcase. Jules and Vincent argue about 'the miracle' and they leave. Marvin never leaves the corner until Jules tells him 'let's go'. Nobody has the briefcase. (00:18:10 - 01:53:30)

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Vincent: Jules, if you give that fuckin' nimrod fifteen hundred dollars, I'm gonna shoot him on general principles.

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Question: When Jules and Vincent go to the students' flat at the beginning of the movie, Jules asks the guy on the couch to tell him where the briefcase is. He begins by saying "You. A flock of seagulls. Where is it?" What does he mean by calling him "a flock of seagulls"?


Chosen answer: It's a reference to his hairstyle; A Flock Of Seagulls was a new wave band from the early 1980s who were as well known for their frontman's unusual hairstyle as their sound. You can learn more about them here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Flock_of_Seagulls.


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