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Revealing mistake: When William and Jack open the door, enter the room, and walk past the helium-filled balloons (tied to a chair about 4' away), the balloons remain immobile. Due to how light helium balloons are, just opening the door or breathing nearby would be enough to cause the balloons to move somewhat - if they were actually there. (00:16:00)


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Sin Eater picture

Deliberate mistake: The number of clicks (sounds) Christine made on the "text to talk" device did not match the total characters she typed. With few exceptions, there were a lot less clicks/sounds than there should have been based on the amount of letters/words she typed. (00:06:40 - 00:15:30)


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Factual error: Hatchet, the "most dangerous man in the world" would not be transported (via helicopter or any other mode) to the facility/base merely wearing handcuffs, especially in the front without also being chained to ankle shackles. He also would not be shackled to a loose chair once inside the interrogation room. (00:28:40)


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Other mistake: This TV-movie is set in 1934. At the county fair where a pie judging contest is about to take place, a sign reads, "Entrants...Please leave your name on the pie." The sign uses a computer-printed font.

Steven Lee

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Crimes of the Future picture

Continuity mistake: The top of Brecken's head was close to (within a few inches of) the headboard before his mother brought the pillow. When his mother put the pillow over his face and the camera shifted to a right-side rear view, the upper part of the bed was raised about 45°. When Lang Dotrice (Brecken's father) arrived and sat on his bed, the pillow used to smother Brecken was at least a foot away from the headboard and Brecken's head (still under the pillow) was about a yard away from the headboard. (00:04:05 - 00:07:16)


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Fallen picture

Deliberate mistake: Abraham is sitting to the right of and slightly behind the cross he hammered into the ground, but is about 3' away. When there is a close-up, Abraham is much closer to the cross - the end of the crossbar to the right is directly above his shoulder and his knees appear to be close to the vertical bar. (00:45:15)


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Other mistake: The woman told James that Salim Mohsin was 42 and conducted research at a private laboratory. The part about Mohsin being "professor emeritus" of virology at Humboldt-Universitat seems contrary to his age (42) and the common meaning of "professor emeritus", which is retired and collecting a pension. It might also be unusual for a tenured professor conducting research at a university to leave in order to conduct research at a private lab. "Other" mistake because not sure of emeritus in Germany. (00:29:33)


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The King's Daughter picture The King's Daughter mistake picture

Factual error: Josephine walks away from her father King Louie 14th, after he tells her she has to marry the young Duke Lintillac for his money. When you look at back of Josephine, you can see a zipper in her skirt. King Louie 14th was King from 1643 until his death in 1715. The first zipper was invented was in 1851. The zipper being used as we know it present day was invented in the early 1890s by Whitcomb L. Judson. (00:55:57)


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Plot hole: It doesn't make sense for the prosecuting attorney to agree to accept a guilty plea from Danny for assaulting an officer, possession with intent to distribute, and resisting arrest with no accompanying guilty plea for at least a lesser-included offense of murder (such as voluntary manslaughter). A violent gang member committing an initiation murder while out on parole would be dealt with much more harshly, especially when the murder victim was a high-school-aged teenager and random victim. (00:09:34)


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Prey picture

Factual error: The movie is set in the Northern Great Plains of the United States, and the tribe is identified as Comanche, but the Comanche were located in the Southern Great Plains, across present-day northwestern Texas, eastern New Mexico, southeastern Colorado, southwestern Kansas, and western Oklahoma.

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