Family Camp

Family Camp (2022)

4 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: After Tommy gets "lei-ed", the distance/ space between the flowers varies (even gets closer). Tommy is sitting with his arm around his wife, so there's no rational reason for such variation. (00:37:14 - 00:37:48)


Continuity mistake: When the roasted marshmallow landed on the back of the camper's head, it was relatively flat and spanned from the middle top to the right top/side with some charred marshmallow splattered almost to the center of the man's head. After a camera shift, the marshmallow was sticking up near the right top of the man's head, was shaped like a whole marshmallow, and was still largely white instead of mostly black/charred. (00:35:19)


Revealing mistake: It was quite obvious that the beaver was fake, and not a very good one relative to the capabilities of contemporary CGI. (The first time, the beaver was presented as real; the second time, it was meant to be comical). (00:59:20 - 01:29:13)


Deliberate mistake: While roasting marshmallows, Henry's marshmallow caught on fire with the flame shooting about 6", then a foot+ high. A marshmallow subjected to such intense heat/flame for many seconds would not be stuck to the stick and stay stuck with repeated forceful flicking or "whipping" of the stick like Henry did. When the marshmallow finally flew off the stick and landed on a camper's head (higher than would be expected), it would be small/hard/charred, not large and still soft/white in the middle. (00:35:03)


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