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Pursuit picture

Revealing mistake: When William and Jack open the door, enter the room, and walk past the helium-filled balloons (tied to a chair about 4' away), the balloons remain immobile. Due to how light helium balloons are, just opening the door or breathing nearby would be enough to cause the balloons to move somewhat - if they were actually there. (00:16:00)


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The Bob's Burgers Movie picture The Bob's Burgers Movie mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After the huge sinkhole appears in front of Bob's Burgers, there are numerous striped safety barriers on the street, and in the following shots the direction of the stripes change to the opposite direction on some of the barriers. (00:11:30)

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American Carnage picture

Factual error: The owl that JP was looking at made a "who who" sound. The owl may appear to be a Snowy Owl (one many people are familiar with), but it is a Barn Owl. Barn owls are not "true" owls and it is the true owls who "give a hoot." Barn owls don't hoot; they make a screeching or squealing sound which can be piercing (and eerie to some people). (00:32:50)


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Family Camp picture

Revealing mistake: It was quite obvious that the beaver was fake, and not a very good one relative to the capabilities of contemporary CGI. (The first time, the beaver was presented as real; the second time, it was meant to be comical). (00:59:20 - 01:29:13)


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A Day to Die picture

Factual error: Pettis' calculation of the amount Connor needed to replace his asset was way off. He stated, "[Cornell] brought me about 250 [$250,000] a year. He had at least 20 more years of service. Subtract five years he might have spent in prison, so you owe me, what? Six point two million." Pettis was presented as intelligent, but a quick mental calculation of even the full 20 years at $250,000 would total only $5 million (not $6.2 - an odd sum). For 15 years, the total would be $3,750,000. (00:28:45)


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Blacklight picture

Continuity mistake: Travis rearranged a photo on the desk, setting it partially in front of the box and the two pictures were a few inches apart. The next wide view showed the corner of the picture almost aligned with the box or slightly behind it and the two pictures were now almost touching. The angles and locations of the photos changed more than once. (00:09:40 - 00:10:03)


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