Best adventure movie plot holes of 2016

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The Lost City of Z picture

Plot hole: When the group is walking through the jungle for the 2nd time, they have nothing more than their backpacks and a horse to accompany them. Suddenly we see them rowing down a river on a boat and raft. After making peace with the savages, when they have to let a group member go to get medical help, they have been washed ashore as they have been traveling on a single raft since the canoe was damaged by spear attack. How is it that they had a horse and an Indian guide to send away with their injured man? (01:16:55)

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Moana picture

Plot hole: When Moana first meets Muai, she opens her necklace to tell him he will restore the heart. Muai sees the heart but doesn't get scared until he sees it again on the boat. He should have been scared the first time.

Jeremy Buerkle

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Passengers picture

Plot hole: In multiple scenes in the movie the starship is in a gentle rotation which allows 1G gravity on the ship. When the power to the propellant is cut the rotation stops and gravity is lost. Such a design for a starship doesn't make sense as the entire structure could be put in a continuous motion, as is indeed done with many probes today without requiring the continuous addition of power. Even if this design was chosen with part of the structure fixed and party of it moving around it still seems unlikely that the rotating part would come to a grinding halt within seconds (if it did, the friction of the structure would be huge, requiring enormous levels of energy to keep it moving) The only reason the movie chooses this unlikely design is to integrate the crucial shot of Aurora floating out of the pool when power is first lost.

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Kung Fu Panda 3 picture

Plot hole: In Kung Fu Panda 2, Shen says he waited 30 years since he destroyed the Panda village, and Po was just a baby at the time. However, in Kung Fu Panda 3 Mr. Ping says he raised Po for 20 years before he told him he was adopted. (00:31:15)


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Assassin's Creed picture

Plot hole: After escaping from execution, the assassins still made use of throwing knives out of their garments as they ran through the city. These would have been removed from them before they were shackled in the cell.

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Ice Age: Collision Course picture Video

Plot hole: When the dome of crystal collapses, all the animals inside immediately grow old, including Brook, implying that the magic from the crystals is completely gone. However, when a tiny piece of crystal lands in the hot spring, it creates a 'fountain of youth' which the animals then bathe in to regain their youth. If that little piece of crystal worked, then why didn't the many crystals from the broken dome still work? Also, how is Brook able to leave the fountain of youth and go looking for Sid at the end of the movie without growing old?

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Rogue One: A Star Wars Story picture Video

Plot hole: The shuttle in the opening sequence is flying to the farm, over Jyn's head, directly to the farm, but somehow arrives after she's got home and been hidden in the cave. (00:01:15 - 00:03:15)

Jon Sandys Premium member

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The Great Wall picture

Plot hole: The Chinese army displays a great variety of (often anachronistic) weapons and they spent considerable resources arming and reinforcing the Great Wall to challenge the beasts who have been plaguing their land every 60 years for thousands of years. but despite having records of magnets being effective against them, with magnets being well known to them for centuries (early magnetic compasses were available in the IV century BC, and the movie is set in the XI century) they made no use of that at all.

Sammo Premium member

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Independence Day: Resurgence picture

Plot hole: In this film the aliens are said to be operating with a hive mind, and are all telepathically linked to the alien queen on the mothership. It is also stated the mothership from the first film also had a queen that was never seen. If that is the case, then there would not have been any need in the first film to use Earth's satellites to coordinate the attack.


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Suggested correction: There could be a distance factor involved. The mothership in the first film stayed outside of Earth's atmosphere. The Harvester ship in this film landed on Earth with the queen on board. In the first film the city destroyers entered Earth's atmosphere at areas around the world. So it could be that they needed to use the satellites in the first film to coordinate with the Destroyers inside Earth's atmosphere which were spread all around the world. Also, in this film The Queen goes to Area 51 on board her personal ship and she controls the fighters which are very close to her as she exits her ship therefore not needing any satellites.

The aliens didn't need the satellites to control their ships, they only needed them to send a countdown timer to one another (which is ludicrous all on its own). They are linked telepathically to one another in addition to the queen, former President Whitmore, Dr. Okun, and Umbutu. These people are all spread all over the planet and still have a link to the aliens. Also, the captured aliens rejoice in unison when they realise the queen is coming yet they are nowhere near her and have no means of knowing this other than their psychic link.


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Alice Through the Looking Glass picture

Plot hole: When adult Iracebeth uses the Chronosphere to take Mirana back to fell day, how do Alice and Hatter show up in this different timeline? They can't have acquired another Chronosphere as everything ended when she saw herself.

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Norm of the North picture

Plot hole: When Norm is stuck under the satellite tower after disposing of the condos, he has flashbacks to numerous moments earlier on in the movie. One of the flashbacks is of Socrates saluting Norm, but the moment where Socrates salutes Norm did not occur until he was on the cargo ship being shipped off to New York and was something that he did not see Socrates do; there would be no way for Norm to have this flashback. (01:18:00)

Casual Person

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Ratchet and Clank picture

Plot hole: When Drek lands in New Quartu, birds are heard chirping. It is unknown how they survived each planet's destruction.

Roman Curiel

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Warcraft picture

Plot hole: Durotan's clan is the Frostwolf clan, orcs who ride big white wolves. The problem is...they are riding those wolves when they are in the human world, but those huge wolves made to be orc mounts were not with them when they crossed the portal from their homeworld. Unless the human world has the same wolves and they managed to tame them in record time, it's inexplicable.

Sammo Premium member

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Suggested correction: Once the portal opens hordes of orcs start running into the portal. Just because you didn't see any wolves among them doesn't mean there weren't any. They obviously brought their wolves with them. They probably entered through last along with some food and tools they might need.


We see the portal close once the sorcerer blows life into the baby and the whole invasion force is on screen. Those few warriors are all that comes through the portal, which makes sense given what he said about having limited energy to transfer only a few people.

Sammo Premium member

No, no. I thought you were going to say that. Look at it again, when the portal closes there are orcs standing all around it, cheering. There are hundreds of them, you saw scores of orcs run into the portal as well. Surely there are wolves amongst them as well.


There is a line of orcs around the portal, yes (still few in the context of the invasion), but there are no wolves there either, no wolves heard howling or anything. I don't know: no wolves shown running into the portail, no wolves shown exiting the portal, no wolves standing amongst those around the portal, nor heard, not even with the chieftan of the tribe that rides them. I find it easier to think that they just made them up on the spot in pure "fridge logic" to homage the game (they are not seen in the movie much nor they have a really important role) rather than postulating that perhaps there's a wolf herder guy who brought along a few dozens wolves that happen to be hidden now amongst the trees.

Sammo Premium member

It may be easier to believe that, but doesn't make it impossible. Just because you didn't see them doesn't mean they weren't there. It's plausible, therefore no error and certainly not a plot hole, certainly not since you agree they don't have an important role.


I don't find it plausible since there isn't the faintest hint of it shown in the movie in a scenario where we are supposed to see all their forces: if it did not make such a point of that, I am sure I could agree with you. It's not a matter of filling in blanks left by the movie, it's about contradicting what was on screen. It's easily (or logically, if you will: I use the word 'easily' in an Occam's razor sort of way) explained (and not justified) by the wolves being 'fanservice' homage in a couple scenes, which made them easy to overlook (because they forgot or because they did not care, we can't know that) when it came to planning the invasion scenes. I believe it fits the definition of 'plot hole' because however unimportant and cosmetic of an element it is, giving a character or a group of characters something that was not there before 'breaks' the movie world as represented. I am however fine with any other category, I wouldn't split hairs on that and I welcome your different opinion. :-).

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children picture

Plot hole: At the end, Jake utilizes multiple Loops to reach September 4th, 1943, the date from which Miss Peregrine's children impossibly entered another Loop set in the winter at the beginning of 2016. The closest date prior to this was in 1942, from when Jake waits for September 4th 1943 to arrive. However, having entered a Loop in 1942, he would have been unable to reach 1943 because he'd be stuck living the same day in 1942 over and over.

Phixius Premium member

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Suggested correction: Is it possible he left the loop while in 1942? The movie doesn't directly address that idea.

It does address this, actually. He'd have reentered the true time period upon exiting the loop. I suppose he could have prevented the local ymbryne who created the loop from resetting it, but if he did, he'd have doomed all those peculiars in the process. Not something Jake would do.

Phixius Premium member

Several of the ymbrynes had been captured. It is very likely that the one who created that loop had been too, so the loop would have closed, and he could've lived in that time period.

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