Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children

Corrected entry: On a certain date in 2016, Jake enters Peregrine's Loop on September 3rd, 1943 where her children relive the same day over and over and all non-peculiars are completely unaware of the Loop. When the Loop closes and it becomes September 4th, 1943, the children, without re-entering 2016, travel by steamliner to London and enter a Loop set in a date six months prior to the date from which Jake entered Peregrine's 1943 Loop. The trouble is, this Loop did not exist in 1943, so it should have been inaccessible to the children.

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Correction: The loops are accessible to any peculiars if it has been made. It doesn't matter the time period they enter it from.

Other mistake: When the children arrive in Blackpool, Emma tells Jake that loop entrances can be anywhere and that "the one in London is in a subway tunnel", but on the map of all the loops they were viewing previously inside the boat, there was no marking of a loop in London.

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Emma Bloom: If I show you the rest you have to promise not to run away.

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Trivia: Tim Burton makes a cameo in the fun park scene. He is the man with black frizzy hair and sunglasses on a ride that the hollow smashes into in a close-up.

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