Norm of the North

Plot hole: When Norm is being interviewed on the talk show, he is shown a clip from when he stopped Mr. Greene in the restaurant with footage that was taken on the phones of the patrons at the restaurant. A strong majority of the footage shown would be virtually impossible to shoot taking into consideration that it was filmed with a camera phone. Some shots take place in a position none of the patrons were even standing in and some shots feature close ups, zoom outs and precise camera movements following the action almost accurately which would have been impossible to film in real time. (00:55:15)

Casual Person

Plot hole: When Norm is stuck under the satellite tower after disposing of the condos, he has flashbacks to numerous moments earlier on in the movie. One of the flashbacks is of Socrates saluting Norm, but the moment where Socrates salutes Norm did not occur until he was on the cargo ship being shipped off to New York and was something that he did not see Socrates do; there would be no way for Norm to have this flashback. (01:18:00)

Casual Person

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