Norm of the North

Other mistake: The actor, Laurence gets into a fight with two bad guys who mistake him for Norm. Laurence is sitting on top of the two bad guys after the fight and Laurence then punches one of the bad guys so hard that he flies across the street. The problem is, Laurence was sitting on top of the bad guy throughout the whole punch.


Casual Person

Other mistake: When Elizabeth is telling Norm to fight for their home, there is an overview angle shown. In the shot, Elizabeth is to have left a trail of footprints in the snow, but Norm and the lemmings appear to have made no footprints at all.


Casual Person

Other mistake: After Norm has sunk the condos being shipped to the Arctic, Mr. Greene is walking through a street and his phone rings. When he takes out his phone, the screen is completely blank instead of showing the call screen.


Casual Person

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