Norm of the North

Other mistake: After Norm has sunk the condos being shipped to the Arctic, Mr. Greene is walking through a street and his phone rings. When he takes out his phone, the screen is completely blank instead of showing the call screen. (01:18:45)

Casual Person

Plot hole: When Norm is stuck under the satellite tower after disposing of the condos, he has flashbacks to numerous moments earlier on in the movie. One of the flashbacks is of Socrates saluting Norm, but the moment where Socrates salutes Norm did not occur until he was on the cargo ship being shipped off to New York and was something that he did not see Socrates do; there would be no way for Norm to have this flashback. (01:18:00)

Casual Person

Continuity mistake: When Norm and the lemmings are searching Mr. Greene's office, Norm begins sniffing at a bookcase and the lemmings start climbing across it. There is a green file on the shelf that is used to open up a secret passage and on its right, a dark grey file. When the shot cuts, the dark grey file is now suddenly a light grey one, and in the next shot, the file is suddenly dark grey again. (00:50:35)

Casual Person

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