Ice Age: Collision Course

Plot hole: When the dome of crystal collapses, all the animals inside immediately grow old, including Brook, implying that the magic from the crystals is completely gone. However, when a tiny piece of crystal lands in the hot spring, it creates a 'fountain of youth' which the animals then bathe in to regain their youth. If that little piece of crystal worked, then why didn't the many crystals from the broken dome still work? Also, how is Brook able to leave the fountain of youth and go looking for Sid at the end of the movie without growing old?

Continuity mistake: In an early scene with Scrat on board the alien space ship, he accidentally increases the artificial gravity, and there is a control panel indicator with the word "GRAVITY" in English. In a later scene when the ship is out of control and a danger warning flashes in front of him, it's written in an alien language.

Continuity mistake: Scrat flies away from earth, but when he separates the "pool ball" pattern earth is one of the objects.

Continuity mistake: Scrat creates the solar system, zooms for a second and never turns round but the solar system is gone and replaced with 2 objects colliding.

Buck: Oh, hello mammals.

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Trivia: This is the only movie of the series where Scrat never interacts with the main heroes.

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