Plot hole: When Moana first meets Muai, she opens her necklace to tell him he will restore the heart. Muai sees the heart but doesn't get scared until he sees it again on the boat. He should have been scared the first time.

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Jeremy Buerkle

Plot hole: TeKa is revealed to be TeFiti. The space where she slept as an island is a huge pit in the ocean. TeKa can't touch the water, but somehow managed to travel from her resting place to the barrier islands surrounding it where she's been trapped for 1,000 years.

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Suggested correction: When TeKa transformed back into TeFiti, she did it slowly. It's possible the original transformation was slow enough that TeFiti got to the barrier island before transforming into TeKa. The ocean could also have split like it did, allowing TeKa to attempt to catch Maui before he got away.

Greg Dwyer