Corrected entry: Maui is depicted creating the world of humans by puling the islands from the sea and lassoing the sun to create day, but later on the boat the tattoo on his back says that he had human parents who threw him to the sea.

Correction: He's never depicted as creating humans, earth, or the day. He even sings "who pulled up the sky when you were yay high?" Meaning humans existed when he was doing his demigod thing. Everything he did was to make humans like him. He pulled islands from the sea to give them homes and he says lassoed the sun to stretch the day to bring humans fun (he simply made the day longer).


Corrected entry: TeKa, the lava demon, is actually TeFiti and didn't exist until Maui stole TeFiti's heart. But every character seem aware of TeKa as being a separate being who has existed for as long as all the other demons/gods/demigods/titans.

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Correction: In the opening explanation, they use the wording "TeKa Awoke" which implies that TeKa and TeFiti are, indeed, one and the same-and that TeFiti and TeKa have existed simultaneously/within each other for as long as they have been around, but with her heart TeFiti remains dominant and TeKa dormant. This accounts for the pre-knowledge of TeKa (and, indeed, TeFiti being dominant for such a long time explains why knowledge of her and TeKa being the same isn't widespread among the demigods/et al).

Corrected entry: At the end of Maui's song "You're Welcome", he tricks her into entering the cave and then proceeds to slide a huge rock to the entrance so she can't get out and stop him from stealing her boat. Surely, he knows she would soon die of thirst or starvation in there as she is a "mortal"? She is only able to get out through luck and her skills. A bit concerning really.


Correction: This isn't a mistake. Maui doesn't care about anything other than escaping at this point.

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I can't remember what category I put this as but it should definitely be down as Stupidity at least. He's meant to be a good guy but he knowingly trapped Moana in a cave with no exit. She would have died of thirst or starved to death. Regardless of his reasoning, this was stupid for a character, who's meant to be good, to do.


Corrected entry: TeKa is revealed to be TeFiti. The space where she slept as an island is a huge pit in the ocean. TeKa can't touch the water, but somehow managed to travel from her resting place to the barrier islands surrounding it where she's been trapped for 1,000 years.

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Correction: When TeKa transformed back into TeFiti, she did it slowly. It's possible the original transformation was slow enough that TeFiti got to the barrier island before transforming into TeKa. The ocean could also have split like it did, allowing TeKa to attempt to catch Maui before he got away.

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Corrected entry: As Moana lands her boat on the island's shore, Hei Hei the chicken falls onto the sand and starts to walk into the water. An ocean wave pushes him back toward the shore. In the long shot, several people are approaching the boat but the chicken has vanished.

Correction: The chicken is actually in the long shot and you can see him walking towards the people as they run towards the boat.

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