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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles picture

Trivia: Alan Ritchson, who portrays Rafael in this film and the sequel "Out of the Shadows," has stated that the actors portraying the four turtles were mistreated on-set and by the studio. As they were technically portraying animated characters through motion capture, their contracts were reportedly "full of loopholes" that didn't afford them equal treatment with the rest of the live-action cast, despite them being on-set full-time doing grueling work in motion-capture suits. One particular instant included the four turtle actors being kicked off set at the end of a 14-hour day without transportation home, while the rest of the cast and crew were given rides. They also weren't paid overtime like the rest of the crew, were barred from giving interviews despite portraying the titular characters, weren't invited to the premier, and were subsequently denied back-end profit shares from the sequel that they had been promised.


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Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones picture

Trivia: The film was written to be a spin-off the "Paranormal Activity" series aimed primarily at a Latino market. Hence, it was not called "Paranormal Activity 5."


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Dumb and Dumber To picture

Trivia: When Harry and Lloyd arrive at the KEN conference, one of the extras that walks by is wearing a T-shirt with the Shinola lighting bolt logo. Later, inside, one of the exhibits seen is Shinola, a Detroit based manufacturer.


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Muppets Most Wanted picture

Trivia: Steve Whitmire, Kermit's voice and puppeteer, has a cameo as one of the prisoners at the Gulag Kermit gets taken to.

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22 Jump Street picture

Trivia: When Schmidt and Jenko are being chased by the dealers, they drive through the Robotics lab and one of the students inside does a Wilhelm scream.

Casual Person

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Transformers: Age of Extinction picture

Trivia: When Joshua calls the KSI technician to ask what the blast range of the Seed is, the technician's ringtone is the Transformers theme song.

Brad Premium member

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Tammy picture

Trivia: When Tammy is getting ready to hit the road she asks Pearl why she should bring her along. Pearl states she has $6,700 and Tammy agrees to take her along. This is the exact same dollar amount Susan Sarandon (Pearl) asks her boyfriend to wire her in "Thelma and Louise".

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Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb picture

Trivia: When Laa turns to look at Rebel Wilson at the end of the film it's "blue steel" from Zoolander.

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Lucy picture

Trivia: During Lucy's final transformation sequence, her consciousness starts traveling through time by millions of years. At one point, Lucy pauses in time to observe and interact with an ape-like creature, reaching out to touch its fingertip. Although not expressly stated or explained in the film, this ape-like creature was what scientists today classify as Australopithecus afarensis, the earliest identifiable ancestor of humankind. The first fossils of Australopithecus afarensis were determined to be from a female who was christened "Lucy" by scientists.

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Tusk picture

Trivia: The profuse drooling that Wallace suffers once he has been "transformed" into the walrus could not be helped - actor Justin Long was constantly drooling due to the heavy prosthetic makeup, and the fact he had to hold his tongue back to simulate the fact that his character's tongue had been cut out.

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Into the Storm picture

Trivia: When they are driving the Titus through the town, you can see a cow fly through the air - an homage to the movie Twister.

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Brick Mansions picture

Trivia: When the mayor is giving his presentation about the plans for new development, one of the men is fiddling with a tiny black model car. He causes it to pop a wheelie and cruise down the model street; just like the black Dodge Charger Vin Diesel popped a wheelie in during his climactic race with Paul Walker, who also stars in this movie, in The Fast and the Furious.

Phixius Premium member

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Need for Speed picture

Trivia: When Monarch is talking about this being his best De Leon, he compares it to great works of art. "David" and "Pietà" are both works by Michelangelo. "Soup Can" is in reference to Andy Warhol's "Campbell's Soup Cans" painting.


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Annabelle picture

Trivia: The last scene of the movie, when the woman is looking for a gift for her daughter, there is a huge Raggedy Ann doll the camera pans past after they show the Annabelle doll. This is an homage to the real Annabelle doll, which was a Raggedy Ann doll. (01:33:35)

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Paddington picture

Trivia: The gentleman in the restaurant who waves as Paddington goes past in a black cab is the Paddington creator Michael Bond.

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