Into the Storm

Other mistake: When the blue van rolls over, and they turn around to go pick them up, they park like 20-30 feet from the van for no reason, instead of right by it, seemingly just to have a tree block their path, then decide to run into a church with really big stained glass window and wood pews while a FIRE tornado is just outside. Rolling the van back upright, all the TVs and equipment inside the van seem to be working just fine.

Factual error: What kind of small American town has an airport that has 6 jumbo jets sitting on the runway? I mean, I think Dallas is the closest airport in the region that would have 4 engine 747s at the ready. Topeka, Oklahoma city, etc. commercial airports could barely handle one 747, let alone 5-6.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they're leaving the school, there are a ton of cars behind them on the highway and then all the cars just disappear.

Revealing mistake: When Alison is holding on to the Titus, Gary tries to save her, and they are seen dangling in the air by the tornado. In the shot of Trey looking out the bank window, you can faintly see wires attached to Alison to make her dangle in the air.

Continuity mistake: After Donk has successfully jumped into the flaming pool on an ATV, he takes off the goggles he was wearing and puts them onto his helmet. He hugs his friend, Reevis, and after a cut the goggles are back over his eyes, only to be put back up once again.

Continuity mistake: School security cameras have 3 separate time stamps. 18:19 then 13:53 then 20:07.

Continuity mistake: In the scene near the end when they are taking cover in the storm drain, the manhole cover is stripped away by a combination of the wind and a flying semi truck. As the tornado reaches its strongest winds, the manhole cover, which is mysteriously back somehow, flies off again, this time by wind alone.


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