Into the Storm
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Todd White: Hey self, what is it, twenty five years in the future and I just know you are playing in the NBA now and are super rich. And you also have a super smoking hot cheerleader girlfriend, so what are you hanging around here for? Why don't you head up to your penthouse and bang her good, bro.
Trey: That's your time capsule message, Todd?
Todd White: Huh... why not?

Allison: Hey... gentlemen... guys, you can't stay out here. You have to get indoors.
Donk: So do you guys actually get paid to do this shit? Man, I'm in the wrong job.
Reevis: You don't even have a job.

Gary: That was good thinking with that knife back there.
Trey: I thought you'd be mad.
Gary: Oh I am. Hand it over.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where they're leaving the school, there are a ton of cars behind them on the highway and then all the cars just disappear.

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Suggested correction: Our heroes are in the last bus. There are a few cars exiting behind them, but you see at least one of the cars pass the bus and get ahead of it. In the first aerial shot of the highway, you can only see two cars behind the last bus. When the tower falls, it lands just behind the second-last bus, cutting off 3 cars, then our heroes' bus, then the Titus and another 2 cars. At no time is there a line of cars behind the last bus that disappears.


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Trivia: When they are driving the Titus through the town, you can see a cow fly through the air - an homage to the movie Twister.

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Question: If the water is blocking the airway of Donnie and Kaitlyn and no one is about to help, how can they survive if they are drowning?

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