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Ted picture

Plot hole: Ted calls on John to tell him that he saw Lori leaving her apartment with her boss. How did he find him? He turns up not only at the right hotel but the right room! They have had no contact since their fight after the party and Ted hasn't been asking around after John as he tells him he 'just saw' Lori leaving with her boss. So how did he find John? Is he psychic?

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Suggested correction: A week has passed since the breakup and we don't see anything that happened during that time. There's nothing in the film to indicate Ted didn't try to reconcile with John (such as through text) or at least find out where he's staying. The only reason Ted decided to go to the hotel is to tell John about Lori leaving with her boss because he knows that would be a big deal to him. And Ted went to Lori's to try to get her to take John back (probably because of things John said to Ted during the week we didn't see). Once Ted is at Lori's and sees her leaving with her boss, he goes to the hotel to tell John he "just saw her leave" with him.

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Silent Hill: Revelation picture

Plot hole: The motivation of the cult in this film - a dark entity trying to birth their demonic god - is completely different from the cult of the original film, which was portrayed as fanatical Christian witch-burners. No satisfactory explanation is given in the film to explain this and in fact the film explicitly implies they are the same cult on several occasions. The explanation that the cult of the original film is some sort of offshoot or different sect of the cult from this film cannot explain this as it is pure fan speculation and conjecture (thus non-canonical) and in fact raises several more plot-holes.

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Brave picture

Plot hole: During the scene where Merida gives her speech on "breaking tradition", her mother, as a bear, moves silently behind the majority of the crowd, so they don't see her. Fair enough. However, Merida and her father's clan are all looking in the same general direction (towards the crowd) while she's speaking - how does no one from Merida's clan see a bear moving at the back of the room?

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Byzantium picture

Plot hole: Ruthven is apparently bitter that he has been denied his chance of becoming an immortal vampire after Clara steals the map from him, which is why he attacks Eleanor. But why doesn't he just go to the island anyway? You don't need to be invited - Clara, Eleanor and Frank aren't. Having been there once, it seems highly unlikely he can't find it again - he's a naval captain, so navigation and observation are major professional skills for him. And it isn't hidden or magically protected - the local boatmen know where it is and are prepared to take people there, although they won't set foot on it themselves. He could quite easily have gone there without the map, entered the shrine and been turned into a vampire if that's what he wanted.

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Dark Shadows picture

Plot hole: When Elizabeth is interviewing Victoria for the first time, she mentions that Victoria had sent her an application, therefore her name had to have been on it. However, Maggie Evans didn't change her name to Victoria Winters until she was on the train en route to Collinwood for the interview, therefore Elizabeth would have been expecting Maggie Evans, not Victoria Winters.

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Men in Black III picture

Plot hole: When (future) Agent J and (future) Boris are fighting on top of the large red docking station for the spaceship, Agent J gets shot deliberately by Boris and jumps off the edge of the dock. Then he uses his time travel device to go back in time a few seconds earlier to be able to dodge the shots. There are a few mistakes in this part. 1) There should be another Agent J and Boris there too, as they have gone back in time to that moment again. However in the movie there are only two of them. 2) The injuries sustained by Agent J (the bone spikes in his abdomen) should have remained there when he went back in time. If it were true that you healed once you went back in time into the condition you were in at that moment, then Boris should have grown an arm back when he went back in time. 3) Due to the time loop, Agent J remembers how to dodge the shots, while Boris doesn't remember anything and is surprised by the outcome. (01:29:00 - 01:30:10)

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Premium Rush picture

Plot hole: Bobby confronts Wilee on the college campus to give him the envelope. Whilst the confrontation progresses, Wilee gets away from Bobby after distracting him by holding his sandwich by riding his bike off the college campus, onto the main road and never stops. During this ride, he drives past the gaps in several cars and taxis. Within a minute and a half, Bobby then manages to catch up with Wilee. There are two things wrong with the time it took Bobby to reach Wilee. First, there were loads of cars that we would had to have drove past in order to get to him. The problem with this is that Wilee managed to get past the cars using his bike to go through the gaps. Bobby had his car which meant he couldn't have possibly gotten through the gap making him reach Wilee in that amount of time. And second thing wrong with this is, even though Bobby knew where Wilee was taking the envelope too, he still didn't have any way to know the precise direction Wilee was going in to deliver the envelope. (00:11:50 - 00:13:30)

Casual Person
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Stolen picture

Plot hole: As Will and Riley are melting the gold in the bank vault, the temp rises enough that fire alarm goes off. The firefighters somehow get there in a matter of seconds. (01:13:00)

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The Cabin in the Woods picture

Plot hole: Marty Mikalski discovers a micro-camera in the cabin and is immediately grabbed by the cursed zombie Judah Bruckner, who drags Marty through the window and plants a machete in Marty's back. In that shot, the machete is obviously buried in Marty's back, which should have broken ribs both back and front, severed spinal nerves, penetrated arteries (as well as the right lung), and protruded from his chest. Marty was dead on arrival in that one stroke. Yet Marty emerges at the end of the film as the hero, with no gushing blood from his back or chest or mouth, and no explanation of how he miraculously removed the machete from his back.

Charles Austin Miller
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Battleship picture

Plot hole: The Tomahawk Cruise Missiles the Arleigh-Burke Class destroyers carry have a range of approximately 1500km. As soon as Alex got the message from Sam, they could have blown that Saddle Ridge communications facility to kingdom come with just a few cruise missiles. They didn't need to get in range because the entire dome surrounding the Hawaiian Islands was smaller in diameter than the range of the Tomahawk Cruise Missiles. Cruise missiles have internal guidance, so they wouldn't rely on the radar, which was jammed.

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Skyfall picture

Plot hole: Silva spent years planning his revenge against M, yet the ability to carry out his plan depended on conditions that were entirely out of his control, such as being captured by MI-6 despite having no way of knowing that Bond was coming for him, and only escaping custody because Q triggers the trojan - there's no way Silva could predict when that would happen, could have been hours, days, weeks, or never. He then ambushes M at the court house despite having no way of knowing that she would be there that day.

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Suggested correction: His plan was always to blow a hole in the tube to have a train crash at that location. This would have caused mayhem and take up a lot of resources (police/ambulance/fire). Bond chasing him had no impact on this part of the plan. Then when his team picked him up, his team would have known where M would have been on that day and would have driven him there. With resources on high at the train crash site, it would have made it easier to reach M.

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Chernobyl Diaries picture

Plot hole: Natalie uses her cell phone to record the injured and bleeding Chris, but it never occurs to her to use the phone to call for help? And how is it possible that in 2012, she seems to be the only one with a cell phone? It is simply not possible that she could not get a signal - the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone is festooned with mobile telephone masts - precisely because of the inherent danger of being lost there.

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Suggested correction: Uri said at the beginning of the film that he has never gotten a signal whilst in that area.

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Mud picture

Plot hole: Just after Ellis tells Mud about Carver beating up on Juniper, he gets mad and punches the ground and then they start gathering up the stuff Ellis and Neck brought to take it to Mud's boat. They are right on the shore of the river and can see in most directions. Two people are sitting in boats out on the river, just watching Mud and the kids. Very much in visible range and they stand out, one of them even wearing a red shirt. Yet Mud, despite being on the run from cops and bounty hunters, never even notices the two very obvious boats out in the water. If he's running for his life from that type of people, he would have an eye out for them. Not even Ellis and Neck notice them and they just came on the river, and one is Neck's Uncle Galen. (01:02:15)

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The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse picture

Plot hole: When the zombies have Taylor, The Corpse and Taylor have a conversation while the other zombies just hold him. Zombies would not have just held him without eating for so long. (00:04:20)

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The Expendables 2 picture

Plot hole: The seaplane should have a watertight hull so the two jumping out the bottom makes no sense when they should have used the same exit at the rear of the plane that they loaded the jet skies with.

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21 Jump Street picture

Plot hole: In the first arrest scene Jenko (played by Channing Tatum) fails to read the suspect his Miranda Rights and the suspect is later released because of this. Miranda Rights are not read upon arrest nor do they have to be unless the arresting officer is questioning the suspect about an offense. Miranda Rights are more often read during an interview if the crime is that serious but in this instance (possession of controlled substances) the suspect would have most likely been handed over to a patrol unit with a vehicle and taken to jail without being questioned, at least by the arresting officers.

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The Three Stooges picture

Plot hole: When Larry and Curley reunite with Moe on the Jersey Shore set, the producer who got Moe on the show is surprised to see there are three of them, conveniently forgetting he was watching all three together on stage before Larry and Curley walked off and he gave Moe the part.

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Journey 2: The Mysterious Island picture

Plot hole: When they find captain Nemo's journal the journal is completely intact and the pages are made of paper. But the journal is very old, and the island sinks every 70 years, so the journal should not have looked that good, and the pages must be gone by now or at least not that readable. (00:47:30)

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Foodfight! pictureFoodfight! mistake picture

Plot hole: When Dex is rescuing the baby kittens from the Fat Cat Burglar on the hot air balloon, whilst it is flying over the city, the four hairless hamster henchmen fly off the balloon and plummet down onto the street. Dex then saves the baby kittens and lands in the park, where two of the henchmen are shown landing in the park after plummeting. Three problems with this. 1) The henchmen fell before Dex saved the kittens and made his way down to the park, so how did they land on the ground long after Dex landed on the ground? 2) How did they land in the park if they plummeted from above a street? 3) How are there only two henchmen shown landing when four of them were shown falling all at once? (00:04:30)

Casual Person
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The Bourne Legacy picture

Plot hole: The tracker chips that the program participants have surgically implanted in their legs make no sense: (1) Implanting an RF device in an agent who is going undercover in North Korea, Pakistan, Iran etc. is a very efficient way of blowing his cover. (2) The drone pilots are unable to imagine that the agent may remove or shield the chip, despite knowing that these agents are super-intelligent and resourceful. (3) Why does killing the agent switch off the chip? Even if he's blown apart by a Hellfire missile, the chip should still keep chirping away, safe inside the lump of meat that's left.

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