Ted (2012)

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Directed by: Seth MacFarlane

Starring: Joel McHale, Mark Wahlberg, Mila Kunis

Genres: Comedy

Plot hole: Ted calls on John to tell him that he saw Lori leaving her apartment with her boss. How did he find him? He turns up not only at the right hotel but the right room! They have had no contact since their fight after the party and Ted hasn't been asking around after John as he tells him he 'just saw' Lori leaving with her boss. So how did he find John? Is he psychic?


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Suggested correction: A week has passed since the breakup and we don't see anything that happened during that time. There's nothing in the film to indicate Ted didn't try to reconcile with John (such as through text) or at least find out where he's staying. The only reason Ted decided to go to the hotel is to tell John about Lori leaving with her boss because he knows that would be a big deal to him. And Ted went to Lori's to try to get her to take John back (probably because of things John said to Ted during the week we didn't see). Once Ted is at Lori's and sees her leaving with her boss, he goes to the hotel to tell John he "just saw her leave" with him.


John had no reason to tell Ted where he lives, he didn't want him to come at all, that was shown. Ted wouldn't know where to go.

Continuity mistake: When Ted is captive and calls John on his iPhone, in one shot it's the right way up to his ear and then it's suddenly upside down.

Continuity mistake: In the end of the film when Ted comes back to life, Lori comes into the room with her hair behind her shoulders. it switches from behind her shoulders to in front of her shoulders then back again between shots.


Audio problem: After John and Ted's falling out, Ted comes and knocks on the glass doors. The sound is of a knock which would be impossible since Ted's hands are made of material.


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Suggested correction: Ted's legs can also support his body and he's able to drive, etc, despite being made out of cotton. He's a magic wish that came true and can knock.


Maybe a wish that come true and can drive as you suggested however, the original mistake states that a knock is heard. Even if Ted had metal inside him (an exaggeration I know) the noise would still be a thump and the stuffing would muffle the sound.

Ssiscool Premium member

Continuity mistake: After John and Lori crash into the rear of Donny's car, the front of their car is visibly smashed in. However, when we see their car later it seems more or less undamaged except for a damaged number plate.


Factual error: The film starts at Christmas in 1985, and we see various kids opening their toys, including one child who gleefully unwraps an NES Action Set. While the NES was out in the US in 1985, the Action Set wasn't released until 1988.

Jon Sandys Premium member

Continuity mistake: In the park scene where three women are taking a picture with Ted you can see a woman in a blue top walking by. Then in the shot of Mark Wahlberg you can see the woman walking past again. (00:30:00)


Continuity mistake: When Ted is falling down, the bad guy pulls him with the left arm. In the next shot the bad guy is grabbing back with his right arm.

Continuity mistake: When Sam Jones punches a hole In Ted's wall then you see the Asian guy, we can see in between shots the hole getting smaller then bigger.


Continuity mistake: After Ted comes back to life and Lori and John are making up, Lori's hands are either clasped together behind John's neck or separated and holding his neck as the shots change.


Continuity mistake: When John is sitting on the couch eating cereal, the box of cereal disappears and then reappears.

Plot hole: In the beginning of the movie it is implied that John and Lori met online. However later in the film it is shown that they met in a club after John bumps into her, knocking her to the ground.

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Suggested correction: It's never been said they met online.

Plot hole: When Ted escapes Donny and the child in their own home, he gets recaptured and thrown into their car to be taken somewhere else. Where would they have taken Ted, if they were already at their house? It was never explained.

Revealing mistake: In the flashback of four years ago to the night that John met Lori, when he accidentally pushes her to the floor, it is a dummy that hits the floor.

Liam D

Continuity mistake: When John & Lori are lying in bed talking (right before the thunderstorm), when you see John from his right side, his right arm is up and under his head. When you see him from Lori's side (his left), his right arm is down. The camera angles change frequently and his arm keeps switching depending on the angle.


Ted: There. Proof. Garfield's eye look like a pair of tits.

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Trivia: Jared (the person that Guy introduces John to as the one who has been beating him up), is played by Ryan Reynolds, who is uncredited in the film. Reynolds has appeared in other works by McFarlane as well.


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