Silent Hill: Revelation

Plot hole: The motivation of the cult in this film - a dark entity trying to birth their demonic god - is completely different from the cult of the original film, which was portrayed as fanatical Christian witch-burners. No satisfactory explanation is given in the film to explain this and in fact the film explicitly implies they are the same cult on several occasions. The explanation that the cult of the original film is some sort of offshoot or different sect of the cult from this film cannot explain this as it is pure fan speculation and conjecture (thus non-canonical) and in fact raises several more plot-holes.

Plot hole: There is a scene where Heather pulls the mask off one of the cult-members, and the air literally poisons him, causing his skin to discolor and his throat to choke up. This never happens before or after. Vincent claims that those particular cult-members have superstitions about the air being poisonous, but there are a multitude of problems with this explanation: A) We have seen numerous other people go unaffected by the air, and B) we later see several of these same cult-members in the sanctuary, unmasked, breathing the same "poisonous" air with no adverse effects. (And Claudia had stated that even the sanctuary is no longer safe from the darkness of Silent Hill, so they are technically breathing the same "poison" air that's outside).

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Suggested correction: The air is poisonous to them because they believe it to be. Your fears are manifested there. That's why everyone's Silent Hill is different.

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Heather Mason: I'm looking for my father.
Leonard: Is he lost?
Heather Mason: He's in Silent Hill.
Leonard: There are many Silent Hills, are you sure it's this one?

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Trivia: After the film was released, director M.J. Bassett (then credited as "Michael J. Bassett") admitted she was extremely disappointed by how the film turned out, and even wrote a blog entry where she apologized to fans who were also disappointed by it. In a later interview, Bassett admitted to second-guessing many of the creative choices in the film, often altering her vision to try and make the movie more broad and appealing for the producers, instead of fighting to make a more personal film with a clear vision. Bassett called the film a "nightmare dance" that she just "couldn't do."

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Question: Towards the end of the film, Heather steals the Seal from inside of Leonard, and we see him burn up. But the shot goes noticeably out of focus when this happens. What gives? The scene appears to be CG, so it makes no sense for it to go so badly out of focus. Were they just trying to cover up a dodgy effect?

Answer: I believe your theory is correct, it appears to go out of focus to help cover up some unconvincing CGI. The final explosion looks very cartoonish.


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