Silent Hill: Revelation

Heather/Sharon retrieves the second half of the Seal of Metatron from Leonard in the asylum, and Pyramid Head rescues her from the inmates. She then rescues Vincent from the asylum and the two make it to Lakeside Amusement Park, where Heather recombines with Dark Alessa. She reaches The Order's underground sanctuary and finds her father Harry/Christopher there, along with Claudia, the leader of the cult. Claudia reveals she's the sister of Christabella from the first movie and claims that The Order actually burned Alessa and lured Heather back to birth their God. Claudia asks for the Seal of Metatron to summon the God with, and Heather gives it to her because Leonard told her it revealed "the true nature of things." Claudia transforms when she touches the Seal and is revealed to be the monster that killed Douglas and kidnapped Vincent. She attacks Heather but Pyramid Head shows up and kills her, saving the day. Heather, Vincent, and Christopher leave the town (presumably after Pyramid Head kills the rest of The Order) and they are released back into the normal world, as Heather remarks she thinks things will be different in the town from now on. Christopher says no, more lost souls will come to make their own personal hells. He then decides to stay behind to search for his still-missing wife, re-entering the Fog World dimension and entrusting his daughter to Vincent. As they walk out of town, Heather and Vincent get picked up by a trucker named Travis Grady (from the game Silent Hill: Origins) who says it's been a long time since he'd been in town. As they drive off, a prison transport bus (from the game Silent Hill: Downpour) speeds into the town, entering the Fog World.


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Rose Da Silva: Farewell my love.

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Trivia: Roger Avery, who wrote the original film, originally planned on writing this sequel. However, he was jailed for vehicular manslaughter following a car-accident shortly before he began work on the script. He managed to work out a deal that would allow him to write the film from prison, but his negotiations with the studio eventually fell through, and he was forced to leave the project.

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Question: Towards the end of the film, Heather steals the Seal from inside of Leonard, and we see him burn up. But the shot goes noticeably out of focus when this happens. What gives? The scene appears to be CG, so it makes no sense for it to go so badly out of focus. Were they just trying to cover up a dodgy effect?

Answer: I believe your theory is correct, it appears to go out of focus to help cover up some unconvincing CGI. The final explosion looks very cartoonish.


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