Stolen (2012)

21 mistakes

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Continuity mistake: When the chopper arrives at the fairground and starts to land, the fire on the ground from the burning car suddenly vanishes. You could say that the chopper blew it out, except when it takes off again the fire is back.


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Plot hole: As Will and Riley are melting the gold in the bank vault, the temp rises enough that fire alarm goes off. The firefighters somehow get there in a matter of seconds.


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Continuity mistake: Will is shown dislocating his left thumb to escape the handcuffs, but exits the vehicle and sets his right thumb back into the socket.


Continuity mistake: After Alison slams the blue bear back in Will's hand, she walks away from him, to the taxi. She takes 5 good long strides to reach it, indicating she's walked about 15 feet, give or take a few. But then it cuts to a side angle and she's not moved nearly that far away from Will.


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Continuity mistake: In the back seat of Vincent's cab, the Australian's phone is there and Alison is reaching through a hole in the seat trying to grab it, but the phone is sliding around in the seat like the cab is going on hard corners. It cuts to an exterior view and Vincent's cab is going about 10 MPH through a crowd in a straight line.


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Revealing mistake: After Hoyt is shot by the cops, Will escapes through a window. One cop fires an M16 at him and Will tries to go over some rails, which just break and he falls on garbage. In one shot where he lands, you can see the face of Nicolas Cage's stunt double.


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Revealing mistake: When the cops raid Hoyt's apartment building, Billy the dog is barking at them. But when multiple cops reach his level, Billy whimpers and takes off up the stairs scared. However, you can see the dog's tail is still up and partly wagging. A scared dog's tail would be tucked between its legs, even when climbing stairs.


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Audio problem: Hoyt goes up the stairs and there is a dog called Billy that won't stop barking. Just before Hoyt goes into his apartment, the dog's mouth stops, but you hear one more bark before the shot changes to inside where the barking continues to be heard.


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Factual error: Before Harland arrests Will, he gets out of the cop car with a block of cash. Later in the movie you learn he burned it. There was a burn barrel next to the car with a low fire in it as he gets out of the car. It cuts to the cops yelling at him with a mega phone and then back to Will walking away from the barrel. Now the fire is roaring high up. It grew much too fast and high for such a short time. Money is not that flammable.


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Continuity mistake: After seeing Riley again for the first time in 8 years, they have a toast. Then Will is sitting there holding his glass as they begin talking about Alison. In one shot, he is just holding the glass with his fingers around the side and still. Then in the very next shot, his index finger is suddenly on the rim rubbing it. Then it cuts again and his finger is back down.


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Continuity mistake: When Will sees his kid for the first time in 8 years, he startles her at the door of his ex wife's place. She opens the door not knowing he is there. While they are talking, the shots showing her from the front show her right arm extended to her side holding the door. But in the reverse angles of her back, her arm is at her side.


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Continuity mistake: Trying to escape in the parking complex, Will drives his stolen police car off one level to the next. In the process, both headlights are smashed. But as he is approaching the tyre spikes at the exit, both headlights are on and working again.


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Continuity mistake: While in the car chase in the parking complex, Will is forced to drive backwards trying to escape the lead cop. In one shot it shows the left blinker light on his car is fine, but in the next shot broken and smashed, then it is fixed again, frequently alternating.


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Continuity mistake: When Will is fleeing through a parking complex in the stolen police car, the lead cop is chasing him. The car Will stole has no damage to the front as it almost hits a civilian car with a scared woman in it. Will then begins backing up and a close up shot shows the hood and front bumper to his stolen police car damaged. Then the very next shot it is undamaged and the lead cop runs into him, which causes the damage seen moments before.


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Continuity mistake: When Will and Vincent enter the toy shop in the beginning of the film, Will walks up to a small yellow table and swipes his arm across it to knock off all the toys. But in that shot, it shows a black ball and a small unrecognizable object remain on the table. It cuts to a wide view and Will's arms are still in the same fluid motion. He then picks up the table, which now has nothing on it.


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Continuity mistake: When we first see Will, the camera is panning across the driver side window where he is sitting. He is listening to a Credence song and bobbing his head, but his head is tilted back. It then cuts to a view from the windshield and suddenly his head is leaning down.


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Continuity mistake: Vincent has teeth that go from discolored and decayed when we first see him talking to Will on the phone, and become pearly whites as the movie progresses, such as when Will reveals to Vincent that he will rob a bank to get the ransom money.

00:32:25 - 01:04:35

Continuity mistake: The overview shot of the Mardi Gras scene, Will Montgomery is standing next to his cab and to the far right, cab 5K20 is parked - with a driver leaning on it. He then jumps on to the roof of his cab, just as 5K20 pulls up.About a minute later, he runs past the 5K20 cab again, in two different shots - before finding the real, fake 5K20 cab.

01:00:40 - 01:02:00


Continuity mistake: When Will and Riley are stealing equipment to get the gold, Will jumps into the passenger seat of the pickup truck they are in, but then after the scene cuts the pickup truck is driving backwards smashing through a garage door and Will jumps out of the driver's seat.


Continuity mistake: When Will's patrol car is being chased into the parking, he smashes all the passenger side. Then when driving up a ramp, the passenger side is undamaged.



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