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The Artist picture

Continuity mistake: George is in his dressing room, holding a tissue in his right hand. When the shot changes, the tissue has moved to his left hand.


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Larry Crowne picture

Continuity mistake: When Talia gives Larry a pair of glasses, a strand of hair is either falling over her cheek or tucked behind her ear, depending on the angle.

Sacha Premium member

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The Descendants picture

Continuity mistake: When George Clooney is deciding whether or not his family's land holding will be sold to a corporation, he is sitting with two of his cousins. From a front view, his cousin, Hugh, opens a book. Then the shot switches to a side view, and it shows Hugh still opening the book.


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Warrior picture

Continuity mistake: After Brendan throws off Koba's guillotine he goes in an arm bar trapping Koba's right arm, however when Koba slips out Brendan is shown pinning his left arm instead.


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Abduction picture

Continuity mistake: In the restaurant scene Nathan has a glass in his right hand on the table. The next shot appears the glass on the table without his hand, and then again in Nathan's hand.

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Unknown picture

Character mistake: When the EMTs are resuscitating Dr. Harris, they use a defibrillator despite their being on a wet metal dock. Not only is this highly dangerous to absolutely everyone present, it would be completely ineffective at restarting his heart as the water and the metal would dissipate the electric current too much for it to do any good. At the very least, they would have stabilized his spine then moved him to a dry surface before beginning defibrillation. (00:08:30 - 00:09:10)

Phixius Premium member

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Suggested correction: External Defibrillator are self grounded and so can be safely used on wet or metal surfaces.

AEDs are indeed safe to use in wet areas - but in the film, it is not an AED that is used. AEDs are automated, and not operated by humans, so as to reduce risk. Your link explicitly states the rescuer must not have direct contact with the body: they just apply the pads, then move back. In the film, it is shown in detail that the medic applies the paddles and then operates them while still in contact with the body. The mistake stands: it's a traditional defibrillator, thus incorrectly used.


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Crazy, Stupid, Love picture

Other mistake: Jacob takes Cal shopping. In the shot during which Jacob says to Cal "the skin under your eyes is starting to look like Hugh Hefner's ball sack," the film is flipped and the viewer is watching a reverse (or mirror) image. This is revealed principally by the fact that the emblem on Cal's Polo shirt is on the right side of his chest as opposed to his left.

JW Pepper

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Melancholia picture

Continuity mistake: Kiefer Sutherland throws the suitcases a few steps in front of the middle of the stairs of the entrance of the house but when someone else picks them up, they are on a side of the stairs and close to them. (00:32:45 - 00:33:40)

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Footloose picture

Continuity mistake: When Ren is dancing at the drive in, he starts dancing with a girl then stops to watch her. When he starts dancing again he moves slightly in front of her in the shot. Then in the next shot they are side by side.

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The Rum Diary picture

Factual error: Near the end of the movie, when they go to steal the boat, there is a Puerto Rican flag in the front of the boat. This flag has the royal blue triangle, instead of the light blue that would have been in the 1960's such as all the other big flags used on poles.

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We Need to Talk About Kevin picture

Factual error: The movie takes place in Stamford Connecticut (per locations and is shown on cop cars). Eva buys a bottle of wine in a supermarket, but in CT only beer can be purchased in a supermarket. (00:25:15)


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Immortals picture

Continuity mistake: Theseus stabs Hyperion in the throat and blood immediately fills his mouth and runs out the corners. After the camera flashes back from Theseus' expression there is no blood in Hyperion's mouth or trace on his face. When his head falls to the ground his mouth area is again covered with blood. (01:36:45)


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The Lamp picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Bernice tells Josh and Rachel to go with Alice so she can talk to Lisa and Stanley, the two red tape marks can be seen on the floor, under the table. (01:29:20)

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The Eagle picture

Continuity mistake: When Marcus Aquila and Esca set off for the North they are riding horses, Marcus on a dark brown horse, with a short mane and Esca on a bay (you see close ups of them on the horses, and several screen shots of them galloping on them). However, after their first overnight stay in the North, Marcus' Horse is black with a long mane, Esca's bay horse is suddenly a white horse with no explanation for this. His horse remains white for the rest of the movie.

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We Bought a Zoo picture

Continuity mistake: A bear escapes from the zoo and Benjamin finds him in the woods. The bear knocks the gun from Benjamin's hands, then faces him and growls. In the close-up, Benjamin's hair is blowing, presumably from the force of the growl, but in the preceding and following long shots, his hair is motionless.

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Something Borrowed picture

Continuity mistake: In the beginning of the movie when Rachel enters that bar and is welcomed with the surprise party, Darcy comes and puts a colorful necklace around Rachel's neck. In the next shot, Rachel doesn't have the necklace anymore and Darcy is putting it once again around Rachel's neck.


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