Best drama movie mistakes of 2011

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The Phantom of the Opera at the Royal Albert Hall picture

Audio problem: In Notes II, Madame Giry voice is out of sync as she says,"Fear his fury.".

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J. Edgar picture

Continuity mistake: J. Edgar takes his secretary-to-be on a date and tries to impress her by showing off his card system for cataloguing books in the Library of Congress. When he runs to the book shelves he brushes past an open book set up on a display stand - sitting on a sheet of glass. The glass moves when he touches it and hangs off the edge of the table. When he returns seconds later the glass is back in place, centered on the table. His date did not move; she was still standing where he left her a few feet away and they were the only two people in the Library.

BocaDavie Premium member

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The Grey picture

Factual error: The wolves in this movie must be some sort of mutant super wolf. North American Grey wolves are not lion sized killing machines. They are typically smaller, by weight, than an average German Shepherd.

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Dolphin Tale picture

Continuity mistake: When the hurricane hits, you see the "Clearwater animal rescue" sign break apart. After the storm passes, the sign is complete again (albeit missing some letters) on the ground.

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Sanctum picture

Continuity mistake: In the opening scene just before Victoria descends into the cave, she's wearing two headlights, the bigger one is on her right side and the smaller one is on her left side. In the next scene while she is talking to Josh, the position of those two headlights changed. (00:15:10)


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The Iron Lady picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Margaret Thatcher is teaching her daughter Carol to drive, you see Margaret's window partially open but just as they near-hit the cyclist, her window is down just enough for her to stick her hand out but in the next shot its back to being partially open.


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Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Deputy Rose Gammon approaches the car with the body of Cindy Van Alden in it, the position of the car changes between shots. From within the police car, the car with the body is parked diagonally with the rear end in the road. From the long shot, the car is off the road and parallel to it.

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One Day picture

Factual error: During scenes set in the early Noughties (one of Dex and Emma talking on a rooftop at night, and another of Dex crossing the river on a bus), modern buildings are shown on the skyline, including the Heron Tower (2009), the tallest building in the City at the time of filming, but it didn't exist at the time the scene is set.

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Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close picture

Other mistake: When Oscar finds the business card under the swing, the narration doesn't match the writing on the flip side of the card.

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Dream House picture

Other mistake: in the scene near the start as Will Atenton is being driven to his house by the property agent there is a close up of the car which shows a snow covered bonnet therefore the car would not have been driven very far as the engine was not warm.

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Carnage picture

Continuity mistake: When Alan is taunting Michael about selling door knobs and Michael's back is against the door frame to the dining room, the dining room is dark; both chandeliers are off. All four characters are in the living room but as Michael responds to Alan's taunts, the lights are on, even though no one entered that room and Michael's hands were in his pockets during the exchange.

MovieFan612 Premium member

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Water for Elephants picture

Continuity mistake: Three-quarters into the film, Jacob brings Rosie, the elephant, to Reece Witherspoon's tent. Her husband, August, appears and seconds later there is, out of the blue, a cigarette between his fingers.


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Land of Oblivion picture

Continuity mistake: Late in the movie, when Anya says goodbye to Patrick, she takes off her wedding ring and puts it on the table before leaving the café. In the next scene, her wedding ring is visible on her hand throughout her call from the phone booth.

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That's What I Am picture

Factual error: When Andy is headed to Mr. Simon's house, a white 90s Lincoln Town Car can been seen in the background, out of place for the 1965 setting. (01:31:45)


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Batman: Year One picture

Other mistake: At the beginning, the arrival board has the cities listed in alphabetical order, but "San Francisco" comes after "San Jose" when it should come before it.


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Rosewood Lane picture

Continuity mistake: The cat/pet door in Sonny's house looks worn (dirty and has paint chips), but in better condition (newer/cleaner and "boxier") when the cat ("Monster") is being pulled through. (01:17:52)


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Have a Little Faith picture

Factual error: When Mitch Albom is with Rabbi Albert Lewis in his rabbinical office/study they discuss an empty folder on the rabbi's bookcase labeled "God". Religious Jews as this rabbi was, know not to spell out the deity's name, but write it as "G-d" instead.


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The Rite picture

Factual error: The tracks of the red-eyed horse in the snow are not tracks that could be made by a horse. A biped (a human) made the imprints in the snow.

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Citizen Gangster picture

Continuity mistake: At the start of the film, when the bus driver helps the man in a wheelchair onto the bus, his hat disappears then reappears. (00:05:00 - 00:06:00)


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