Rosewood Lane

Continuity mistake: The cat/pet door in Sonny's house looks worn (dirty and has paint chips), but in better condition (newer/cleaner and "boxier") when the cat ("Monster") is being pulled through. (01:17:52)


Continuity mistake: In the opening scene, there are spectators and the camera zooms in on a man and woman with a Rottweiler standing next to the woman. There is a glimpse of two people past the dog. The camera briefly shifts to show a woman (Sonny) walking toward the front door, then returns to the spectators. The Rottweiler (presumably the same dog) is now standing near the left side of a different man (and is not next to the woman). (00:02:02)


Other mistake: In the hospital, Barrett had his right arm in a sling and his lower left leg in a cast. When the police/ detectives were trying to find Barrett, one detective said Barrett could not have driven himself somewhere because he had "a cast on his leg." The cast was on the left leg, so Barrett could have driven using his right leg, as usual. Maybe he couldn't have driven with a cast on his right arm, but the detective gave the wrong location of the leg cast. (00:50:30 - 01:13:45)


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Trivia: Nine-one-one (written "911") is used exclusively for the emergency telephone number in the U.S. (Nine-eleven might be used more often in England.) In the case of "nine-eleven", a slash is used to show the separation of the numbers (9/11), which then dictates its pronunciation and distinguishes it (date of terrorist attacks) from the emergency 9-1-1 number.


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