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That's What I Am picture

Factual error: When Andy is headed to Mr. Simon's house, a white 90s Lincoln Town Car can been seen in the background, out of place for the 1965 setting. (01:31:45)


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The Double picture

Continuity mistake: When Paul is chasing Bozlovski at the port, he repeatedly shoots through his passenger side glass, destroying it. A few seconds later, the glass can be seen undamaged when both cars are banging each other.


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Kill The Irishman picture

Factual error: Danny Greene has a bomb placed in Shondor Birns' car. As Birns is waiting to cross the sidewalk, the pedestrian walk-don't walk sign is a modern digital sign, that was not around in 1975.

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Donovan's Echo picture

Revealing mistake: When Donovan witnesses a fatal traffic accident on a rainy night, he suffers a mild heart attack and collapses in the street. Although he's lying on his back, unprotected from the downpour, surrounded by rain striking the pavement in both foreground and background, closeups show that no rain strikes his face, his felt hat, or his clothing. (00:12:20 - 00:12:50)

Charles Austin Miller

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We Have a Pope picture

Continuity mistake: The designated Pope has just been visited by a physician. Three cardinals want to take a stroll outside for some sweets and arts. One of the cardinals stands and rebukes them; you can see that the cross on his chest has its chain caught in a button of the vest. During the rest of the scene the chain is caught in that button in the closer views and is loose in the wider angles. (00:23:50)

Sammo Premium member

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The Snowtown Murders picture

Visible crew/equipment: During the torture and murder of Troy there is a moment when Jamie, unable to watch the violence, sits in the kitchen with accomplice Mark Haydon. Jamie and Mark sit in silence at the kitchen table and the film cuts between close-ups of them. In the two close-up's of Mark you can see the boom microphone reflected in the glass of the kitchen cabinet near his head. This happens twice and the microphone lingers both times. (01:15:29)

Jack Vaughan

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Courageous picture

Factual error: The car doors wouldn't protect Adam and the other police officers from being shot - they offer no protection against bullets.

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Faces in the Crowd picture

Revealing mistake: When Anna's looking at her reflection in the mirror she starts rubbing her face vigorously. Look at her right cheek and you'll it's red before she rubs, result of multiple takes.


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Albert Nobbs picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene in the kitchen when Helen is telling Joe that she is pregnant, Joe is wearing suspenders over his shoulders. As the camera moves back and forth between the characters during the dialogue, Joe's suspenders "disappear." When the camera pans out, you can see that they are now hanging below his waist.

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Land of Oblivion picture

Continuity mistake: Late in the movie, when Anya says goodbye to Patrick, she takes off her wedding ring and puts it on the table before leaving the café. In the next scene, her wedding ring is visible on her hand throughout her call from the phone booth.

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Batman: Year One picture

Other mistake: At the beginning, the arrival board has the cities listed in alphabetical order, but "San Francisco" comes after "San Jose" when it should come before it.


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Have a Little Faith picture

Factual error: When Mitch Albom is with Rabbi Albert Lewis in his rabbinical office/study they discuss an empty folder on the rabbi's bookcase labeled "God". Religious Jews as this rabbi was, know not to spell out the deity's name, but write it as "G-d" instead.


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Rosewood Lane picture

Other mistake: In the hospital, Barrett had his right arm in a sling and his lower left leg in a cast. When the police/ detectives were trying to find Barrett, one detective said Barrett could not have driven himself somewhere because he had "a cast on his leg." The cast was on the left leg, so Barrett could have driven using his right leg, as usual. Maybe he couldn't have driven with a cast on his right arm, but the detective gave the wrong location of the leg cast. (00:50:30 - 01:13:45)


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