Best horror movie mistakes of 2010

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Resident Evil: Afterlife picture

Continuity mistake: Right after Bennett takes off in the plane, Claire throws a gun to Alice. Between the slow-motion shots, the gun switches position in mid-air before Alice catches it. In the shot of Claire throwing it, the barrel is facing to the right, meaning that it should be facing to the left in the shot of Alice catching it. But it still faces the right when she does. (00:58:30)


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Paranormal Activity 2 picture

Revealing mistake: At the end when Katie enters Hunter's room and throws Kristi against the camera, Katie's reflection in the wardrobe mirror shows her in a different position from when she attacks Kristi, to after she drops out of view.


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Saw 3D picture

Continuity mistake: Saw VII takes place straight after Saw VI. In Saw VI we see Jill put Hoffman in the bear trap and leave. We then see that Hoffman spends around 45 seconds trying to get the trap off before putting in the bars on the window. In this film however, just after Jill closes the door we see the glass break. No delay. (00:08:20)

Ssiscool Premium member

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The Wolfman picture

Other mistake: When Lawrence is looking at his wound in the mirror, it has slightly healed. Later, when Sir John visits Lawrence in the asylum, he shows the bite mark he got from the feral child to Lawrence. Since Sir John is also a werewolf, the bite mark should not be there.

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The Crazies picture

Continuity mistake: When the police car rolls out of the car wash, both passenger and driver's doors are open. When the shot changes to the deputy holding the rifle, the driver's door is closed. In the next shot both doors are open again.

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Insidious picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene when Dalton is climbing the ladder trying to turn on the light in the attic, it shows him stepping onto the same step twice.

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Legion picture Legion mistake picture

Continuity mistake: After Kyle dies, Audrey jumps off the diner's roof and starts shooting at the possessed people. She runs out of bullets and gets into the blue van. One of the possessed scratches the top left corner of the windshield. These scratches disappear. (01:09:45)


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A Nightmare on Elm Street picture

Continuity mistake: There is a scene at the school, where Quentin and Nancy are talking by the lockers. Quentin is wearing a Joy Division shirt. The jacket he is wearing over the shirt keeps changing depending on whether it's a closeup of Quentin or a shot of both him and Nancy. You can easily tell, as the band's name is partially obscured during closeup and fully revealed when it's further away. This changes back and forth several times during that scene. Quentin doesn't move enough to warrant the jacket changing so noticeably. (00:18:15)


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Tucker & Dale Vs Evil picture

Visible crew/equipment: When Dale walks up to the van asking if the are going camping, Chad says they don't want any trouble, you can see the boom mike reflected in the back window of their van. (00:05:10)


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Don't Be Afraid of the Dark picture

Plot hole: When Sally crushes a creature in the library with the bookcases, Not only is the crushed body still there, but also its arm on the floor, yet her father still doesn't believe her.


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Mega Piranha picture

Continuity mistake: During the car chase between Fitch and Diaz, Diaz's truck changes from a Suburban, to an Explorer, to an XL-7.


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Piranha 3D picture

Continuity mistake: When Jake goes into the water with the tow rope around his waist, the rope is going over the top and through the railing of the boat. When he gets pulled away with the girl, the rope is seen down in the water.


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The Ward picture

Factual error: During the scene where they deliver electroconvulsive therapy to Kristen, the physician is seen holding the patient. Considering the level of charge delivered, the physician should have received a shock along with the patient.

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Let Me In picture

Factual error: A fire breaks out in the hospital due to one of Abby's victims being exposed to sunlight as she's turning into a vampire, destroying that vampire and a burning a nurse to death. Modern hospitals have fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, etc. and sensors/alarms that the fire would have activated.

Erik M.

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The Final picture

Continuity mistake: After Dave stabs Ravi, the shot cuts to Kurtis running through the woods trying to escape. Ravi (in the clown costume) is seen among the ones pursuing him, but he's either dead or dying at this point, and, obviously, cannot chase someone while riding an ATV. It's a recycled shot from when Tommy was attempting to escape.


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Suggested correction: It isn't Ravi on the ATV. Towards the beginning you see Dane on the stairs talking to 3 students, a little later on in the cafeteria you see the same 3 students sitting at a table and the shots keep switching between them and Dane and his friends, and Dane says something like "and they will be in the woods dressed in the same outfits/costumes as us." It's meant to confuse the cops when they show up.


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The Last Exorcism picture

Deliberate mistake: At the beginning of the movie while driving through town the old rusty horse trailer was facing from left to right. at the end of the movie as they were leaving town, they showed the same trailer and the picture was inverted, parked in same location,however it was facing right to left.


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Dylan Dog: Dead of Night picture

Plot hole: When Dylan enters the vampire Vargas's bedroom to interrogate him, Dylan frequently steps away from the door to let sunlight in to burn Vargas, so that Vargas will cooperate with the interrogation. Vargas is in his bed and could easily cover himself with his sheets to block the sunlight, but never does.


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Super Hybrid picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Ray makes a call to channel one news, he is seen to press the dial button, but when he looks to see a fleet of super hybrids, his phone is displaying a picture rather than placing a call.

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Rubber picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie, when Robert has been resurrected as a tricycle, the bell and ribbon keep moving back and forth from the right handle bar to the left one.

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Lost Boys: The Thirst picture

Other mistake: Blake jumped through the window, shattering the glass and propelling many fragments through the air and towards/onto Edgar and Zoe, but no-one got cut. (00:34:10)


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