The Last Exorcism

The Last Exorcism (2010)

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Deliberate mistake: At the beginning of the movie while driving through town the old rusty horse trailer was facing from left to right. at the end of the movie as they were leaving town, they showed the same trailer and the picture was inverted, parked in same location,however it was facing right to left.


Deliberate mistake: In the scene where Cotton and the film crew are travelling to the Sweetzer farm they pass an old decrepit horse trailer the trailer is facing the right of the screen. Later when they are leaving the farm, the trailer is facing the left of the screen. The shot is just flipped from earlier on.


Cotton Marcus: The Sweetzer farm, please.
Caleb Sweetzer: Right. Well, you're going the wrong direction. You want to make a U-turn, actually.
Cotton Marcus: Okay.
Caleb Sweetzer: You want to take this road and go straight. You'll see things you've already seen before. Keep on going. You're gonna hit the highway. Okay? And then I want you to go back where you came from.

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