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Terminator Salvation picture

John Connor: I knew it. I knew it was coming. But this is not the future my mother warned me about. And in this future, I don't know if we can win this war. This is John Connor.

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Awaydays picture

Carty: Fuck's that?
Elvis: It's an everyday reminder of the absurdity of life - and the absolute certainty of death.
Carty: Fucking hell. What are these?
Elvis: Forest Hills.

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Mother and Child picture

Nora: I don't want to die here.
Karen: You're not going to die. You'll be fine.
Nora: You expect me to live forever?
Karen: Don't start that again.
Nora: Even if I could, I wouldn't want to. It's just one disappointment after another.

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An Education picture

David: Do you go to concerts?
Jenny: No. We don't believe in concerts.
David: Oh, I assure you, they're real.

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Couples Retreat picture

Therapist: It's like a little kid gets a puppy for the first time, just hugs it so much, snaps its neck. It's puppy cradle death syndrome. All that love is gonna snap that puppy.

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Stan Helsing picture

Teddy: Man, this whole town is dead.
Mia: Oh my God. Maybe this is like "The Sixth Sense" and we're the ones who are really dead.
Nadine: You know what, Mia? I've been holding something back all night, so I'm gonna go ahead and say it now: That doesn't make any sense, you stupid bitch.

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Coco before Chanel picture

√Čtienne Balsan: A woman who cuts her hair, is about to change her life.

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The White Ribbon picture

The Doctor: My God, why don't you just die?

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The Last Station picture

Sofya Tolstaya: Oh, Leovochka, why do you insist on dressing like that?
Leo Tolstoy: What do you mean, like what?
Sofya Tolstaya: Like a man who looks after the sheep.
Leo Tolstoy: It wasn't meant to offend you.
Sofya Tolstaya: You're a count, for God's sake.

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Mulan: Rise of a Warrior picture

Hua Mulan: Someone once said, go too far from home and you will lose your roots. Kill too many people and you will forget yourself. If you die in battle, your life will sink into the ground like rain and vanish without a trace. If at that time, you fall in love with someone, hope will blossom again from the earth and embrace life with passion. Wentai, thank you.

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A Single Man picture

Carlos: Sometimes awful things have their own kind of beauty.

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Nine picture

Luisa Contini: You're just an appetite, and if you stopped being greedy you'd die. You take everything, and I'm empty.
Luisa Contini: You know, I'm glad I came. I can see now... it's hopeless.

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Book of Blood picture

Simon McNeal: There is something going on in this house, all right? The first time upstairs, yeah, I faked it. But the second time, that was real. That was something way beyond a few pieces of charcoal. Something way beyond what a guy in a lab coat will ever tell you.
Mary Florescu: I thought you were smarter than this, Simon. I thought, for a moment, you were for real.

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Dorian Gray picture

Lord Henry Wotton: What are you?
Dorian Gray: I am what you made me! I lived the life that you preached... but never dared practice. I am everything, that you were too afraid to be.

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The Private Lives of Pippa Lee picture

Sam Shapiro: Writers are vampires. I'm waiting for the right girl to come along and make me a human being.

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Confessions of a Shopaholic picture

Clerk: [slides card.] Declined.
Rebecca Bloomwood: Can you try again?
Clerk: [slides it again.] Really declined.

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The Tournament picture

Father MacAvoy: God, I need a drink.
Lai Lai Zhen: You drink too much, and your eyes give you away. You damage your liver.
Father MacAvoy: That's just perfect. That's just exactly what I need. Health advice from a hit man.

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