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Paper Heart picture

Seth Rogen: Your love glass is half full.

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Oceans picture

Narrator: Every breath we take, and every drop we drink, depends on a healthy ocean. Now, their life depends on us.

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Valhalla Rising picture

Barde: I once met man who told me... they eat their own God... Eat his flesh. Drink his blood. Abominable.

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Mystery Team picture

Duncan: Looks like we've got a long night of cocaine ahead of us.

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I Can Do Bad All by Myself picture

Jennifer: You brought his insulin. I was gonna do it.
Sandino: Well, now you don't have to.
Jennifer: Why are you so nice to us?
Sandino: I don't understand that question.
Jennifer: You nice, why?
Sandino: Why not? You shold expect people to be nice to you. You shouldn't expect people to be mean.
Jennifer: Not in ths world.
Sandino: You get what you expect, right?
Jennifer: I guess.
Sandino: You do a great job with your brothers.
Jennifer: I'm all they got.

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Shorts picture

Cole Black: Hey metalmouth! Got another date with the trashcan.

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City Island picture

Vince Rizzo: Did you sleep outside last night?
Vince Jr.: No, no, no. I did heroin with a bunch of prostitutes at the Plaza Hotel. I'm thinking of becoming a pimp.
Vince Rizzo: Good. I'll see you later.

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Serious Moonlight picture

Louise: A relationship ending is like a death just two people know about. A whole life gets lost, everything we did together. All the places we traveled, the fights, the small moments of tenderness.

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The Taking of Pelham 123 picture

Ryder: Life is simple now. They just have to do what I say.

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Pandorum picture

Payton: Maybe this is a bad time to tell you, but the door is open.
Bower: Are you fucking kidding me?
Payton: Ya I'm kidding you.

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Shrink picture

Henry Carter: It's never going to go away, is it?
Jemma: No. But we're still here. That's something.

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G-Force picture

Darwin: Blaster, do something!
Blaster: What do you suggest I do?
Mice: Poop in his hand...Poop in his hand!

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Case 39 picture

Douglas J. Ames: I talk to a lot of kids, I don't think I've ever felt like that before.
Emily Jenkins: Like what?
Douglas J. Ames: Threatened.

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Bruno picture

Bruno: How do you defend yourself against a man with a dildo?

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Dragonball Evolution picture

Master Roshi: In an ancient time, Earth was nearly destroyed. Not by man, but by Gods from the sky.

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