Factual error: In the beginning a calendar says 2019 April, you can see April 1 being Tuesday when actually April 1 2019 was a Monday. (00:01:10)

Continuity mistake: At 1:02:38, you see that the front door is closed. The scene after, when Lionel goes out of the water tank where they were hiding, the same door is now wide open. Then a bat scares him, and you see that the door magically closed back. (01:02:35)


Continuity mistake: The film opens with a girl writing on a notepad. The first shot from above shows that she's writing on the middle of the pad. Cut to a close-up of her hand and she's writing on the left side of the pad, very close to the edge. (00:01:00)


Plot hole: During Ed's transformation back to humanity, he burst into flames several times. His heartbeat was monitored using wires attached to his chest. They did not stop working despite being in the flames.

Daybreakers mistake picture

Continuity mistake: The private who was being injected with the blood substitute explodes, splattering red goo all over the glass panel. The amount increases in shots from outside the room, covering the entire panel. (00:14:45)


Edward Dalton: Welcome back to humanity. Now you get to die.

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Question: Why didn't Chris want the cure to spread in the end?

Answer: Just like the humans, he had a fear of becoming extinct.

Answer: The vampires were now everywhere, with very few humans left in their blood farms. Their food supply was dwindling and it was getting to the point that they were facing extinction by starvation. The only way to keep life going was for the vampire disease to be cured and everybody to turn back human.

Quantom X

Then why didn't he want it to happen?

He successfully created a substitute.

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