The Fourth Kind

Factual error: Abby has trees surrounding her house yet there aren't any in Nome Alaska.


Continuity mistake: During the sheriff interview scene with Abbey, the time is listed as 3:45am, but later in the scene, the clock reads 2:15am.


Continuity mistake: When the "real footage" is shown of the man on the bed, the time starts on the camera at 11:01:24 and ends at 11:01:47. The clip returns to the Hollywood actors and then returns to another clip of the so-called real footage. As you can see, the time started over at 11:01:12. And for a third time the footage starts at 11:01:34, all on the same date of October 4, 2000. Possibly because of the supernatural? Seems more like Hollywood screwed up making "real events". (01:00:15)


Plot hole: When Abby and her kids are abducted, the sheriff is sitting right outside her house and sees this happening. Yet the video didn't record. Well the sheriff saw it all with his own eyes so why wouldn't his testimony hold up? The tape actually shows the UFO so there's proof right there. (01:08:55)


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