Adventureland (2009)

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Factual error: After James leaves the bar and is driving, you see a dealership in the background and you can see new trucks and a new model yellow mustang. The movie takes place in 1987, so the vehicles are about 20 years too new. (01:26:00)


Factual error: The movie takes place in 1987, but many shots were done in front of the Wipeout which did not debut as a ride until 1991.

Continuity mistake: In one scene there is a ferris wheel in the background behind James. In the next shot, the ferris wheel disappears.

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Factual error: The group is going to the Razzmatazz where as they enter, "Point of no Return" by Expose' is playing. However the captions show the song title as "Coming Around" (00:50:00)

Factual error: The movie is based in 1987, during two shots where he is driving home, if you look to the right side of the car, he drives by a Ford dealership with 2010 Ford Mustangs and F-150s in the front row. They also drive down the same road multiple times.


Visible crew/equipment: A crew member is reflected on the TV showing that Poison video.

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Continuity mistake: When Em admits that she like James, she starts to move her right hand up to her face, but then she tucks her hair behind her ear with her left hand. (01:10:20)

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