Best comedy movie factual errors of 2009

The Informant! picture

Factual error: The movie takes place during the 1990s, but throughout the movie cars are shown with Illinois license plates with "Illinois" written in cursive. These plates were not introduced until 2001.


17 Again picture

Factual error: At the start in 1989, when Mike is dancing with the cheerleaders and also just before he goes after Scarlet, in close-ups of the crowd cheering there is a man (with a white baseball cap) wearing a Paramore t-shirt. However, Paramore (a Grammy-nominated American pop rock band) formed in 2004. The style of t-shirt he is wearing is actually one of the officially licensed Paramore merchandise.


Miss March picture

Factual error: In the scene where Tucker is talking with Hugh Hefner, the chess board in the background is set up backwards. The pieces are basic Stanton style, and the kings and queens are obviously in the wrong positions.

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Adventureland picture

Factual error: After James leaves the bar and is driving, you see a dealership in the background and you can see new trucks and a new model yellow mustang. The movie takes place in 1987, so the vehicles are about 20 years too new.


A Serious Man picture

Factual error: Two of the albums sent to Larry by the Columbia Record Club are Santana's "Abraxas" and Creedence Clearwater Revival's "Cosmos Factory". The film takes place in 1967. Both albums were released in 1970.

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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian picture

Factual error: When Larry and Amelia's plane takes off, the cables it is held onto easily rip off from the canvas. For security measures, a real cable would be made of steel, therefore ripping the structure instead of just snapping like a string.

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Sacha Premium member
Middle Men picture

Factual error: When the guys first set up the website to accept submissions, the year is 1997. We see a shot of the computer screen which displays that they are running Windows XP, which wasn't released until 2001.

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All About Steve picture

Factual error: When the TV news vehicles are leaving the hospital, supposedly set in Oklahoma, the ocean is briefly visible in the background.

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The Boat That Rocked picture

Factual error: Many of the songs featured in the film, almost all of which are portrayed as being singles actually being played by the disc jockeys, came out after the 1966 setting of the film, including Procol Harum's "A Whiter Shade of Pale" (June 1967), Tommy James and the Shondells' "Crimson and Clover" (November 1968), The Who's "I Can See For Miles" (October 1967), Jimi Hendrix's "The Wind Cried Mary" (May 1967), the Turtles' "Elenore" (November 1968) and Herb Alpert's "This Guy's in Love with You" (April 1968) among several others.

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Tailkinker Premium member


Up (2009)

Up picture

Factual error: After trying to get his balloon back, Carl Jr. falls and breaks his arm. The ambulance that picks him up has a modern-day electronic siren, when in the 30's it would be a mechanical siren and would be much smaller.

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Low Cow
St Trinian's 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold picture

Factual error: In the movie they search for two matching rings, which contain geographical location of the treasure. The rings were casted in 1589, and uses Greenwich as Prime Meridian. This wasn't established however until nearly 300 years later in 1851.

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Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs picture

Factual error: In the credits, Josh Peck is said to voice Rudy. He actually voiced Eddie.

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Low Cow
Zombieland picture

Factual error: During the stop in the small town while still in Texas, and Tallahassee breaks all the windows in the minivan, a Bank of Coweta sign is visible over one of the buildings. The Bank of Coweta is a local bank in Georgia, and has no branches outside of the state.

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Fanboys picture

Factual error: Near the end, when they have been captured and taken into the room with the big picture of Darth Vader, the picture of Darth Vader was actually made for Revenge of the Sith which was obviously released a few years after this film is set.

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Up in the Air picture

Factual error: If you're a Hertz #1 Club Gold Member like Ryan is, you don't need to swipe your card or sign for a rental as shown in 2 scenes. You just go to your assigned car in the lot and show your driver's license at the exit.

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Dead Snow picture

Factual error: Herzog is referred to as "Oberst" (Colonel) both by The Wanderer and in the end credits. But both he and his men wear SS uniforms and insignia, where standard military titles were not used. Herzog should have been called the SS equivalent "Standartenf├╝hrer".

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Paul Blart: Mall Cop picture

Factual error: The movie's set in New Jersey, but EASCare, the ambulance service used in the last scene, is a company out of Boston (where the movie was filmed). Also, the license plate on the ambulance has an registration sticker, which New Jersey hasn't used in many years.

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Brenda Elzin
Taking Woodstock picture

Factual error: As Eliott walks across the hillside where the concert is taking place, you can see nylon dome and bivouac style tents. Tents made with metal poles and nylons didn't come to market til the 70s.


Black Dynamite picture

Factual error: The large revolver used by Black Dynamite throughout the film appears to be a Smith & Wesson Model 629 Classic. The movie is set in the early 1970s, but this gun was not produced until 1990.

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Land of the Lost picture

Factual error: When Dr. Marshall and team launch the tank of nitrogen into the mouth of the dinosaur, there's absolutely no reason why the tank would explode as it was swallowed whole and didn't experience any sort of impact that could have punctured, ruptured or broken the valve off the tank.

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I Love You, Beth Cooper picture

Factual error: Kevin and his buddies go to graduation in Army dress. While the ribbons displayed are hard to identify, several things are sure. They don't have a Washington National Guard ribbon, so they're regulars, and they have no Middle East service ribbons. So just where did they acquire so much fruit salad?

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Did You Hear About the Morgans? picture

Factual error: About 30 minutes from the end, the rodeo parking lot is shown, with the cars parked 3 deep (i.e., 3 cars parked nose-to-tail). Valet parking? At a Wyoming rodeo?

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Wake (2009)

Wake picture

Factual error: At 01:29:08 we see Carys lying despondent on the couch in her living room surrounded by balled up tissues, empty food containers/soda cans and trash - all the signs of going through a bad break up. She gets up to answer the door for her mom, who has brought by a plate of cookies. Carys sits on the couch again, looks down, looks up, and by 1:29:40 the entire room is clean; we see her mom fluffing a pillow. There is no way her mom could have cleaned the living room in less than 32 seconds.

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Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder picture

Factual error: Leo says he smells potato, but he is in a space suit and in space, making it impossible for him to smell it.


Casual Person
Zombies of Mass Destruction picture

Factual error: In the beginning during the gas station scene, the timeframe of the movie is supposed to be Sept 2003 but a number of late model (>2006) Ford, Subaru and Honda vehicles are seen driving by in the background.

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The Pink Panther 2 picture

Factual error: Near the end, no one in the hall realizes that a real diamond cannot be destroyed by a bullet. Also, even if it was a fake, it couldn't be blown to smithereens with a single gunshot.

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Garfield's Pet Force picture

Factual error: When the super-scrambled monster is destroying the town, everything it destroys falls down completely, despite the fact the monster only hits one side of it.

01:00:15 - 01:04:40

Race to Witch Mountain picture

Factual error: The valet stand at Planet Hollywood is actually below, not above, ground.


Jedd Jong
Planet 51 picture

New this month Factual error: The lead song, "Lollipop," wasn't written until 1958, seven years beyond the chronological order of the movie.

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Charles Austin Miller

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