Continuity mistake: When they go into the garbage chute Hutch goes in head first, but comes out at the bottom feet first yet had no room to swivel round.


Continuity mistake: During the course of the movie, the mural and lettering on the side of the van go from being colored to just white, to being colored again. Most noticeable is the lettering on the front doors and fender, which goes from red to white or grey, then back to red.


Factual error: Just as Hutch says the line "Oh it works" and just before the camera cuts you can see an ad for the movie MirrorMask on the back of one of the comics on the wall. That movie wasn't released until 2005, while this movie is set in 1998. (00:13:30)


Continuity mistake: When the van blows a tire, just before the Mantina bar scene, there is an exterior shot of the tire blowing, then a cut inside for a reaction shot, then back outside again for the next shot, which shows all four tires fully inflated as the van swerves over the road.


Factual error: In the scene of the parking garage in Vegas, as the group is escaping the Trekkies, you can see vehicles in the parkade from the 2000's. The movie is taking place in 1998.


Factual error: Near the end, when they have been captured and taken into the room with the big picture of Darth Vader, the picture of Darth Vader was actually made for Revenge of the Sith which was obviously released a few years after this film is set.


Continuity mistake: The bartender takes a large swig of water from the glass before handing it to Bottler, but in the next shot the glass is practically full to the brim.


Continuity mistake: In Vegas, when getting away in the van from the Trekkies and the pimp, the 5 of them all appear to make it to the van. Linus gets in the van before Windows and sits behind Hutch, the driver. You can also see him behind Hutch as they are driving away, before the gang realizes he isn't there. (00:59:00)

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