Paul Blart: Mall Cop

Factual error: When Mya points out his Loch Ness tattoo, and asks when he got it, and he says the night before, it would not be healed as it is. It would still be red, raised, and be covered to protect it. Also, later in the movie when he is on the ground and we see the large tattoo across the whole back, this would also be impossible as a whole back tattoo would take at least two or three long sessions, and this movie takes place over just a couple of days.

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Factual error: Paul has hypoglycemia. When he eats the lollipop off the floor and gets up instantly, this would never happen as it takes the sugar a while to get into the bloodstream. He would never be instantly cured.

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Factual error: The movie's set in New Jersey, but EASCare, the ambulance service used in the last scene, is a company out of Boston (where the movie was filmed). Also, the license plate on the ambulance has a registration sticker, which New Jersey hasn't used in many years.

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Other mistake: When Paul Blart is pwning Rock Band, the vocals shows the tambourine/clap notes. Paul Blart is doing nothing that would play those notes (singing or pressing the "a" button).

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Trivia: Kevin James's real-life wife, Steffiana De La Cruz, plays "the lady with the kids in the mall." She takes a lingering glance as he rolls away on his Segway.

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Question: Why did Veck plan to take the hostages with him to the Cayman Islands? If he had gotten the money, why would he have needed to take them?

Answer: As security against having his airplane shot from the sky by law enforcement. Once he was safely in the Caymans, he could release the hostages without fear of being apprehended by the United States law enforcement agencies.

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