Best movie continuity mistakes of 2007

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Stardust picture

Continuity mistake: When Lamia is in the coach communicating with her sisters in the mirror, her image goes from old to young back to old again between shots. (00:59:40)

wizard_of_gore Premium member

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BloodRayne 2: Deliverance picture

Continuity mistake: At the beginning, in the scene where Rayne finds two bodies near a small house, she takes out one of her blades. Firstly, she grabs it in a wrong way (the tonfa-like blades should be held under the arm), but when the camera angle changes she holds it properly.

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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry picture

Continuity mistake: In the shower scene where the soaps are dropped, what Larry is holding changes constantly. He goes from holding a white tube of something, to holding what appears to be a green shampoo bottle, to digging in a zippered case with his stuff in it, back and forth and around, several times.

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Resident Evil: Extinction picture

Continuity mistake: After the Zombies are unleashed in the desert scene, we see Carlos crawling under the truck. At first his semi-automatic gun seems to be completely normal. The gun's slide and chamber are closed as if there are still bullets in the magazine or at least one bullet is chambered. But then the camera focuses on his gun and we see the gun's chamber is open - as if there are no bullets left. The gun didn't fire between shots so it's chamber should have been open in the first place. (00:58:10)

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Because I Said So picture

Continuity mistake: When Daphne first meets Jason, she places two of Milly's business cards on the table and Jason takes one, leaving one remaining. But when Johnny takes a card for himself after talking with Daphne, there are still two business cards on the table. (00:19:30)

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Evan Almighty picture

Continuity mistake: At the end of the movie when Evan and God are talking under a tree in a field, God is holding a wooden staff. As the camera cuts back and forth between Evan and God, God's hand changes position from holding the top of the staff like a cane to holding the staff further down like a walking stick.

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American Gangster picture

Continuity mistake: At the end, when the church doors open, the door on the right opens all the way in the first shot then begins to slowly close back. It is then wide open in the following shot from the other side.

manthabeat Premium member

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The Messengers picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where the mother, Denise, is finally beginning to believe their house may be haunted, and is questioning Ben as to whether or not he can see them, Ben points out the window. When Ben points, you can see that the curtain is over the window. When Denise looks back, the curtain is wide open so she can see the barn. When she looks back to Ben, the curtain is again closed.

Ian Mugford

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Wild Hogs picture

Continuity mistake: When the guys are being hit by bugs, you see Woody drive past everyone, when he gets hit by the bird you see him passing everyone again.

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Atonement picture

Continuity mistake: When Briony sees Cecilia coming out of the fountain (from Briony's perspective), Cecilia steps out of the water with her right foot first. When we see the same scene afterwards, from Cecilia an Robbie's perspective, Cecilia steps with her left foot first.

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3:10 to Yuma picture

Continuity mistake: After Evans was shot near the end of the movie, Ben Wade jumped out of the train to look at him. If you look over Wade's shoulder, you will see that Nez (the Apache) had already arrived at his spot, and Campos (the Mexican sharpshooter) threw Wade's gun belt to Charlie Prince. After the movie cut a couple of times, Nez was shown walking up, throwing Wade's gun belt to Campos, who then threw it to Charlie Prince.

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Ratatouille picture

Continuity mistake: When Remy and Emile are cooking the mushroom on the roof, notice that the mushroom is skewered on the antenna. When Remy and Emile are hit by lightning and sent careening off the roof, the mushroom is instantly on a stick in Remy's hand, instead of the antenna. It could've been sent flying by the lightning bolt, but even if it was, there was no stick in the previous shot for it to have ended up on. (00:07:50)

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The Heartbreak Kid picture

Continuity mistake: While Eddie is trying to break up with Lila over breakfast, the glasses of water constantly change throughout the scene. Lila's glass is the most notable with the lemon changing size and the ice appearing and disappearing between shots. (01:16:40)

Lummie Premium member

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Rush Hour 3 picture

Continuity mistake: When Carter and Lee are fleeing the motorcycle thugs in George's cab, the driver's seatbelt is hanging unused. In the next shot, George is suddenly wearing his seatbelt. (00:34:55)

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Straightheads picture

Continuity mistake: The next morning after they have been attacked, the car windscreen that was smashed is now untouched.

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There Will Be Blood picture

Continuity mistake: When Eli enters Daniel's office, as he goes to sit down his hand move from in his lap, to his side, then back again.

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We Own the Night picture

Continuity mistake: When Amada and Bobby are on the bed kissing and Amada gives Bobby a gift, he pulls the gold necklace out of the box and says it's beautiful, then begins kissing her without putting it on, but in the next shot, the necklace is around his neck.

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The Haunting Hour picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene at the dance, where the pumpkin pours cockroaches all over Priscilla, she falls over onto the cake. When she first falls onto the cake, she's just wearing tights and no shoes. In the next shot, she's wearing black shoes.

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No Country For Old Men picture

Continuity mistake: Chigurh is cut deeply on his wrists when choking the officer with his handcuffs at the beginning of the movie, but later when he is doctoring the wounds on his leg, his wrists are completely visible and there are no recent injuries.

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