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No Reservations picture

Continuity mistake: There's a scene in Kate's restaurant kitchen where Nick asks Zoe to hold the big bowl of spaghetti he had been eating, and she starts eating it. At one point there's a piece of basil hanging off the edge of the bowl and when the camera cuts back to her, it's gone.

Cal K.

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Captivity picture

Continuity mistake: During the scene when Jennifer gets matches on her side of the room, she lights one, presumably to see into the other room. In one shot the match is burned down almost to her finger, the next shot from the other side of the glass it is longer, and the next shot shows the match at a different angle with a larger flame than the previous shot. When she drops the match because it is supposed to have burned to her finger, it is clear the flame was not close to her finger/thumb at all.

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Why Did I Get Married? picture

Continuity mistake: After arriving at the mountain cabin, Terry comes in to the bedroom and notices Diane has fallen asleep while working. At first, her laptop computer is screen-up on her lap with the stylus in her hand. But just before Terry leaves, the laptop is screen-down and the stylus is gone.

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I Want Candy picture

Continuity mistake: When Johns parents come home early, there is a shot outside showing his parents set off down the path to the front door, then there are shots inside of everyone rushing to clear up before they get in. Then it goes back to an outside shot of his parents coming down the path, but they should have reached the front door already judging from the time of the shots inside.

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D-War picture

Continuity mistake: When Sarah is on the beach in a gown and slippers, she takes the slippers off, then they are back on, then seen off, on the sand, again.

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The Death and Life of Bobby Z picture

Continuity mistake: The bike that Tim uses to escape from Brian Cervier's ranch switches from a four stroke to a two stroke in the scene where it runs out of gas.

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Beowulf picture

Continuity mistake: All wide shots of Hrothgar's hall show it in the outer ward of his fortress, about two hundred metres from the towers on the edge of the cliff, with open ground on three sides and an embankment on the fourth. But later several characters are able to step straight out of the hall onto a balcony that overhangs the cliffs and sea below.

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Sunshine picture

Continuity mistake: When Cillian Murphy's character is recording his message prior to entering the 'dead zone', our viewpoint is from within the monitor in front of him. As such, we see the on-screen image he sees, but reversed, floating between our vantage point and his image. At the bottom of the screen are touch-screen function 'buttons', again in reverse, which read (our left to right) 'RECORD', 'SEND', 'DELETE' and 'REVIEW'. But when our view changes to see the screen as we look over his shoulder from behind him, the visible buttons now read (right to left) 'SEND' and 'REVIEW' (he presses 'SEND'). They should be 'SEND' and 'RECORD'. (00:06:15)


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I Think I Love My Wife picture

Continuity mistake: When Richard and Nikki get caught in Teddy's apartment the sweater that Nikki is wearing keeps changing from being zipped high to zipped low.

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Paranormal Activity picture

Continuity mistake: On the first night the girl is wearing pink night shorts, when they wake up in the morning downstairs she is wearing blue.

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Daddy's Little Girls picture

Continuity mistake: When Monty has just dropped off his kids from the fish aquarium, he and Julia are sitting in his car and she starts to cry and they talk. At the end of the talk, there is a tear on her right cheek when Monty kisses her, but in the shot from behind Monty a split second later, you can see her cheek and it is dry.

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Shrooms picture

Continuity mistake: After hitting the animal in the forest when entering the park, the windscreen of the van is covered in blood. In the next shot the van is shiny and looks like it has just been washed, but a few seconds later it has dried blood on it again.

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Drive Thru picture

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Mackenzie's father is at the grill BBQing, you see a remote control in his shirt pocket. The remote control disappears and reappears in several shots.

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Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium picture

Continuity mistake: When the girl is looking up the fire engine in the oversized book, the little blonde boy in the red T-Shirt on the stool next to her changes the position of his head and hands between shots as she brings the book to the desk.

Neil Jones

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Steel Trap picture

Continuity mistake: When Nicole breaks the glowstick and splashes the liquid on the killer's mask, she starts to run. In the next shot of the killer, there is no liquid on the mask, yet it reappears in subsequent shots. (01:03:20)


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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer picture

Continuity mistake: When the helicopter plummets into the wedding terrace, its nose is either pointing the right side or the left, depending on the shot. No continuity at all.

Sacha Premium member

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Evening picture

Continuity mistake: When Buddy takes Ann down to the dock to meet Harris, he and Buddy get into the boat and begin getting it ready to sail. As Harris raises the mainsail, we see that the head of the sail is connected to a gaff. In the wide shot immediately following this shot, the head is connected to the mast, and the gaff has disappeared entirely. In all other shots of the boat, the gaff is present. Harris can't have drawn the sail so tightly that the gaff was completely vertical, thereby blending it with the mainmast so as to be imperceptible from a distance, because the shape of the sail would have made that impossible.

Phixius Premium member

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Nome Proprio picture

Continuity mistake: In the apartment Guilherme had rented for Camila, the doorbell sounds completely different in the two times it is rung (first when a boy is delivering flowers to her and then when it's Guilherme's lawyer who rings).

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Fracture picture

Continuity mistake: In the end of the film where Willy and Ted stand together in Ted's house, Ted says to Willy "See, you can't touch me, ever". The shot goes to Willy and you can see his finger off the trigger, yet in the close-up on the trigger you can see that Willy's finger is inside the trigger-guard and he pulls it out. (01:46:15)

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