We Own the Night

Continuity mistake: When Amada and Bobby are on the bed kissing and Amada gives Bobby a gift, he pulls the gold necklace out of the box and says it's beautiful, then begins kissing her without putting it on, but in the next shot, the necklace is around his neck.

Continuity mistake: During the chase sequence, the car driven by Bobby is missing its hubcaps. When the chase ends, the hubcaps are back in place.

Continuity mistake: When the gunman leans out of the car window to shoot Bert, the license plate on the back of Bert's car reads 'A564N2'. Just before Bert's car crashes head-on into another car, his plates read 'KVD622' (the other car's plate is 'G823N4'). (01:16:40)

Super Grover Premium member

Audio problem: After Bert is shot in his car, when Bobby pulls up beside him and shouts, "Pop, pull over!" for the first time, in the next tight close-up of Bobby's face he is still shouting, but the only thing we hear is panting, until the next side shot. (01:17:00)

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Deliberate mistake: After Bert is shot in his car, Bobby pulls up beside him and just after Bobby shouts, "Pop, pull over!" the first time, the next tight close-up of Bobby's face is a flipped shot. Note his earring and the scar on his upper lip have switched sides. (01:17:00)

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