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Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

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Other mistake: In Wilson's Congressional office, the Texas flag on his left is mounted upside down. The white panel belongs on the top of the flag, not the bottom.

Factual error: During a montage depicting Afghan fighters shooting down Soviet aircraft, the stock military shots show an A6 Intruder, an F4 Phantom, and soon after, an F-16 Falcon getting shot down. All are jets Russia never used, as they are American aircraft. (01:22:15)


Continuity mistake: When Gust is chatting up Julia Roberts' character (moments before he proposes she sleep with him) he lights a cigarette. The cigarette is definitely lit as you see a puff of smoke (the shot is over his shoulder) the shot cuts to his face and the cigarette is no linger lit. The next shot and subsequent shots it's lit.

Factual error: It would have been 1983 when the congressional committee leader returned from the refugee camp and approved the big funding increase. However, he is shown arriving in a 737-300, which did not enter service until February 1984.

Continuity mistake: Gust is touching his glass with his right hand, then the shot reverses angle and the same hand is instantly holding a cigarette to his mouth. (01:12:20)


Factual error: When Charlie speaks to the Pakistani generals, you can see that neither is wearing a proper medal bar on their uniform. In fact, the medals represented are not even Pakistani. Ironically, one general's ribbon bar is made up entirely of Soviet awards. (00:30:30 - 01:31:45)

Factual error: During the Vegas hot tub scene (subtitled as taking place on April 6, 1980) near the start of the film, a man and woman discuss a TV show proposal. The woman mentions it will be like 'Falcon Crest', a show that won't begin airing until December 4, 1981. (00:03:10)


Continuity mistake: Gust takes a bite of an English muffin. As soon as it is at his mouth, there is a quick shot of a guy behind him on the phone. The next shot shows Gust has a coffee mug, not the muffin, in hand and too little time has passed to make that switch. (00:44:15)


Continuity mistake: In the scene in which the CIA guy meets Charlie in the office, the CIA guy removes the cap from the scotch bottle to remove a listening device. In the next shot, the cap is oriented differently on the bottle, yet neither character has touched the cap.

Continuity mistake: When Wilson shouts 'Jailbait' in his office, he is standing at his desk, reaching for a glass with his right hand and holding a yellow note in his left. The camera angle reverses and instantly he is halfway into his chair and holding the yellow note in his right hand. (00:46:45)


Factual error: During the briefing CIA Islamabad station chief mentions Soviet 7th, 8th, 18th infantry divisions, 4th and 7th armored divisions as employed in Afghanistan. All above mentioned divisions were disbanded long before the Soviet Army entered Afghanistan. 4th Guards armored division (Soviet Guards divisions had their own line of numeration) as well as any other Soviet armored division never operated in Afghanistan. (00:39:50)


Continuity mistake: In the scene in Wilson's apartment, with the attractive girl in only a dress shirt, Wilson is talking to Joanne while the young girl is lying on Charlie with her shirt buttoned. Split second later, her shirt is unbuttoned and Charlie is rubbing her stomach. The time was so fast it would have been impossible for either of them to unbutton the shirt.

Factual error: There is a picture in Charlie Wilson's office of a B1 bomber when Gus and him are in his office talking. The B1 was not put into service until 1986, and this is set in the early 80s. (01:30:00)

Factual error: Early in the movie, in Charlie's apartment, scene dated 1980, the Juice Newton version of 'Angel in the Morning' is playing in the background. However, that particular version of the song won't be released until 1981.

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Continuity mistake: In the office meeting where Gust meets Charlie, Gust brings a bottle of Scotch. He later tells Charlie the bottle is bugged. Charlie ask him to remove the bug. After he does and he sets the bottle on the desk, the seal is broken and out of line. The camera cuts away and comes back to the bottle the seal is lined up and appears not to be broken.


Gust Avrakotos: You know, me and three other guys are killing Russians. Is it possible that I met the only elected official in town who can help me?

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