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Charlie Wilson's War (2007)

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Corrected entry: Twice, there is reference to the "township of Nacogdoches." Texas doesn't have townships.

Correction: That will be news to Irvinggton Twp, TX and Monroe Twp, Tx, for starters. And Nacogdoches itself certainly was a township during the time of Sam Houston (1830s). I would guess some of the locals might still call it just that, even if it may no longer be a township in a legal sense by this film's 1980 era.


Factual error: During a montage depicting Afghan fighters shooting down Soviet aircraft, the stock military shots show an A6 Intruder, an F4 Phantom, and soon after, an F-16 Falcon getting shot down. All are jets Russia never used, as they are American aircraft. (01:22:15)


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