Wild Hogs

Continuity mistake: When the Wild Hogs first go to the Delfuego Bar, it is a bright sunny day and the ground is completely dry. When Woody had to go back and recover Dudley's bike the ground is completely wet, but when Woody is riding Dudley's bike back to the other Wild Hogs, the ground is again dry.

Continuity mistake: When the guys are being hit by bugs, you see Woody drive past everyone, when he gets hit by the bird you see him passing everyone again.

Continuity mistake: When Martin Lawrence is squirting mustard and ketchup all over the two bikers, he has mustard on his elbow. In the next shot his elbow is perfectly clean.

Continuity mistake: At one point Doug is kicked in the ribs, and falls down flat. Next shot he is on all fours ready to receive another kick to the ribs.

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Continuity mistake: After the fight with the bikers, Tim Allen has about 5 cuts on his arm. The next shot about 2.


Continuity mistake: When Dudley is thrown through the window of the diner, the window is shattered. In the next scene, the window is back without being broken, then in the next scene, it is broken again.

Continuity mistake: During the brawl at Maggies Cafe the blinds in the 2 windows left of the entrance appear and disappear a couple of times.

dan sr.

Continuity mistake: When the biker bar blows up, you get to see an orange blossom explosion behind Woody as he rides away, which then dissipates into a black cloud. Camera now cuts immediately to one of the side mirrors on Woody's bike and the explosion is now orange again.


Continuity mistake: On their second ride, when you see them in the bar, Doug has a bandanna on but then it randomly switches to his helmet that he had on the first ride with the white stripe on the front.


Continuity mistake: During the final fight scene in Madrid, Doug is pushed through the white fence next to the restaurant and the next scene showing the fence, it's completely fixed.


Continuity mistake: When the family arrives at the swimming hole Dudley is to the right of Woody. In the next shot Dudley is behind and left of Woody.

dan sr.

Continuity mistake: As the Wild Hogs first walk into the diner, Marisa Tomei is sitting at the counter, but when they cut to her a half a second later she is standing by the food window.

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