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Corrected entry: Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence's wives arrive to confront them in Madrid, NM from OH around breakfast time in Madrid. They only learned where the guys were the night before, after dark, which in summer is probably after 8 PM. There is no way to drive from OH to Madrid in the time shown in the movie. Assuming they left immediately, and even considering speeding, they would have to average over 83 mph, with no stopping for gas or food, passing through major cities with traffic, and somehow evade state troopers the whole way, to arrive by mid to late afternoon in Madrid. To arrive around breakfast time, even around 10 AM, they would have to average almost 100 mph. Since the action takes place around breakfast time-the guys haven't even had their breakfast yet, and were seen debating whether to eat in Madrid or down the road-it is inconceivable how the ladies can arrive from over 1300 miles away, shortly after the biker gang arrived, when the gang were only a couple hours ride away. The mini van they are driving was the family van, so they didn't fly out and rent one at the nearest large airport, which would be Albuquerque, 50 miles away. Even if the ladies were as angry as depicted, it's impossible to drive that far without needing to gas up, and speeding would mean more frequent fuel stops.

Correction: In the scene in question, the mini-van stops in the middle of the highway when the wives arrive in Madrid. While the time frame of breakfast time is correct - you can also observe the front license plate is the distinctive colors and design of the New Mexico plate. Thus, it should be assumed the car is a rental and the wives took a flight.

Corrected entry: We are expected to believe that the wives took the family minivan (it's not a rental, and they didn't fly) from Ohio to New Mexico in a probable time of about 12 hours. This is from the time Tim Allen called his wife and spilled the news that they were not on a business trip within Ohio, but in New Mexico during the evening of the Festival. Since the guys wanted to get an early start the next morning, and had not had breakfast, it's logical to assume the time the women arrive is at the latest 10 AM. For the wives to arrive, only shortly after the "real" biker gang who were only a couple of hours ride away, they would have had to driven at an *average* speed of over 100 mph over 1300 miles. This doesn't include stops for fuel, food, bathroom breaks, or the very high likelihood of being stopped for speeding by the State Troopers of 8 different states. To average 100 mph, taking into account stopping for fuel, food, or bathroom breaks, and driving through major cities, even using Interstates the whole way, they would have to drive at a higher speed of about 115 mph in a minivan (which has a top speed of 102 mph, or 110 mph), depending if it is a four cylinder or V6. It doesn't add up.

Correction: The minivan has New Mexico plates. It must be a rental.

Corrected entry: At the beginning, right after the Dudley's laptop starts looking up alternative sex on the internet, and we see a brief shot of a reaction from two women and two little girls nearby, you can see the little girl on the left briefly look right at the camera.

Correction: When an actor happens to glance "briefly" in the direction of the camera, it is as if he/she is merely looking toward the imaginary 'fourth wall'.

Super Grover Premium member

Corrected entry: When the guys throw away their cell phones, Dudley's hits the window of a truck with a minivan following it. In the next scene it is not there.

Correction: What is not there? The phone? The minivan? The truck? Also, there is a big difference between "scene" and "shot", and everything can change between scenes.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: In the end, when they finally make it to California, they are shown riding with the ocean to their left, which is correct providing they are coming from the South. In following sequences, while still traveling into California, the ocean is then on their right, as if they are heading South. Again, when they reach the beach, the ocean is again on their left, where it should be.

Correction: There's no mistake. It's not like they ride into California, then only ride in one direction. They're tourists, and are obviously, according to the montage, enjoying the sights, and can go back and forth at will. Therefore, when they are riding north, the ocean would be on their left, when riding south, on the right.

Corrected entry: Any time the guys on are on their motorcycles, the camera, cars, set lights or crew are reflected in the chrome of the bikes.

Correction: At no time are the crew, camera or cars visible in the chrome. The lights could easaly be the sun.

Ssiscool Premium member

Corrected entry: When Martin Lawrence sprays ketchup and mustard on the two bikers at the chili festival, he gets drops of it all over his shirt. However, in the next scene when they are celebrating, his shirt is spotless, and I don't think they would have stopped to dry-clean it.

Correction: Its not the same shirt.

Corrected entry: While the four main characters are at the Chili Festival, there is a banner over the street reading 'Chile Festival'. This can be seen several times in the background.

Correction: According to Wikipedia, the name is spelled differently in many regions; chili, chile or chilli. So chile is acceptable.

Hamster Premium member

Factual error: At the 28 minute mark, the Wild Hogs cross the Taos River Gorge Bridge in Taos, New Mexico. Shortly after the scene with the skinny dipping, they drive down the road and at the 34 minute mark, the sign on the right says, 'Missouri State Lane.' I never knew Missouri was inside the state of New Mexico.

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Question: After the fight scene when Blade is talking to the Wild Hogs, Tim Allen appears to have some type of business card in his hand. As Blade walks away, he looks at the card. Where did the card come from?

Answer: Most likely one of Tim's jacket pockets.

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